WTB MegaFlashROM SCC 512kB

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Par Guillian

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16-12-2013, 14:57

Well, as I said you can use OPF if you made your own MegaFlashROM cartridge. I have no problem with that. So any hobbist can use it.
In fact, part of the french MSX comunity has developed tutorials about how to make MegaFlashROM cartridges, posted links to OPF, and so. Again, I have no problem with that. I like people enjoying MSX.

I always help whoever ask me, developing software, answering questions or sending sample code. So if he needs help writing his software I can help. No problem.

I don't really care about "business" here, since I don't sell those old flash cartridges anymore.
But what I don't like is msx legend is selling his flashROM cartridges, using the same name as mine and including my/our software in the sale (using links or including it in disks sent with the cartridge) and he don't even ask for permission.

And when I just tell him to use its own software and that OPF is not freeware, he tries to fool us saying he don't sell OPF, only the cartridge.

I apreciate all the comments. And I apologize if I used too rude words.

Now, time to continue with more important things Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Par meits

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16-12-2013, 18:36

Indeed... Let's enjoy the good things in life Smile

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