WTB MegaFlashROM SCC 512kB

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Par msxlegend

Master (176)

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14-12-2013, 00:43

Thanks for purchase. Just use OPF to flash Wink
it's a real konami's SCC with 2 xflash 512ko with a switch

Par Guillian

Prophet (3502)

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14-12-2013, 09:52

It is a pity you get money stealing others work.
This is not the first time I tell you this: If you make your own flashcartridges, please make your own tools/software.

Par o.geerdink

Hero (585)

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14-12-2013, 10:58

The whole idea is to steal konami's work so that seems a bit hypocrite?

Par msxlegend

Master (176)

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14-12-2013, 12:23

My software is not finish yet. Opf seem to work.i don t sell OPF.do you anderstand???

Par Guillian

Prophet (3502)

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14-12-2013, 13:46

@o.geerdink: Flash cartridges are quite useful for developers how want to test their software on real machines. Without them, it could be quite difficult to develop new software and be sure it will work on real machines. If you want to use them for play pirated games, it's up to you. But don't think all users do the same than you.
Anyway, I own all Konami original titles.

@msx legend: Well I think it is quite clear what happens here. You can try to "sugar coat" it as much as you can. So you sell cartridges that can't be used because they have no software? Are you serious?
Please, check again all MSX Village posts about how to make flashROM cartridges and make them compatible with OPF (you posted there).
It is ok for me if a hobbist make his own cartridge and use OPF with it.

Now try to be honest with yourself and other MSX users and stop trying to fool us.

EDIT: Added some links to your ebay auctions where you include Metal Gear 2 and Manbow 2 ROMs in the cartridge you sold. And in the description you explain how to use OPF with your cartridges and a link to my software. Are you really proud of that?
Auction 1
Auction 2

Par jltursan

Prophet (2619)

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14-12-2013, 15:48

uh?, Manbow2 has been made public and free?, where?. I want it!

Par raulsantacruz

Hero (599)

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14-12-2013, 16:21

@msx legend: Shame of you! You not only try to profit with Pazos works and, futhermore, don't credit him. I believe the MSX.org forum admins must ban this kind of persons here. I will claim it to them!!

@o.geerdink: Are you serious?

Pazos, congratulations and thank you very much again for all your works all this years in MSX scene and dont disappoint for this kind of behaviour. As you know, thieves exist in all places Sad

Par Marq

Champion (387)

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14-12-2013, 19:15

Let's not be so hasty and start banning people before we're even sure of what's going on Tongue

Par anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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14-12-2013, 19:34

msxlegend: IMHO whether you like it or not, you must to respect the Pazos decision as the software developer and on top of that you should admit that your hardware is useless without it. Be honest is a virtue, there are many ways of doing things, don't you think that (at least) you should have asked him permission? Who knows, maybe everything would be different but it seems that anything goes in MSX nowadays... sad.

Par msxlegend

Master (176)

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14-12-2013, 19:42

Oh sorry i forget to post link.sorry about that.

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