Fruit Panic: Can you do better?

Par Manuel

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17-07-2013, 20:27

Can you do better than this?

YES, emulator usage is allowed (but no pokes, only reverse, low speed, pause, save states, etc.).... the challenge is ON!

(The challenge is to get more points than I got... the game becomes harder and harder to play as you progress... even using emulator tools!)

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Par W76NearDark

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18-07-2013, 15:56

In my opinion you never can get objective results when using a mix of real machines and emulators... The conditions just aren't the same.

Par sd_snatcher

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18-07-2013, 17:55

I tried! Even with all the reverse, save states, whatever stuff... I failed. It's a damn hard game, you really play it very well, Manuel! Smile

Par Manuel

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18-07-2013, 22:17

W76: why not? It's about stretching what is actually possible in the game as it is here. All the input should also be possible on a real machine if you're a super human Smile (It's much like TAS.) You definitely need emulators here, otherwise you won't make it.

Par DanySoft

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18-07-2013, 23:38

It was too difficult to finish more than 5 levels, at the time was loaded on tape,
but "groped" and groped end up with only 2 lives!

There is only a little "cheat":
You're near the end of the platform, when the enemy comes up, go down but do not die. LOL!

Jump, jump, and do not die is the possibility to escape from the enemies within the number of times that the harness could break ...

Bye Bye

Par Maggoo

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19-07-2013, 02:13

Impressive Manuel. One of the first games I played on the MSX, I used to play it a lot but never made it past level 10 or something Smile

Par Manuel

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27-07-2013, 15:58

Maggoo: reverse helps a lot Smile