Reactions of people when wearing MSX T-Shirts

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Par snout

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26-10-2005, 18:47

Right-on, there should be quite a lot of people with MSX T-Shirts these days, and from time to time you'll probably even wear it. I'm wondering: what kind of reactions do you get when wearing your MSX T-Shirt 'out in the open'?

In the record store I work at, people often comment with a "thumbs up", a "don't tell me that's about the computer MSX" or "naaah, Commodore was way better!" (only happened once, I work in a decent record store ^_^). At parties and concerts, many people come along with "yeah! I had an MSX in the old days!"-stories. Really fun...

One of the persons who ordered a shirt told me they organized a special retro computing meeting with some colleagues after the discussion that followed when he took his MSX shirt to work. More stories like these are bound to have happened so... bring 'em on!

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Par Niles

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26-10-2005, 20:34

From my side,
-at Cinema, behind me some whispers (before the movie start luckly) "yeah... bis bis bis... MSX... bis bis... no nono... old-computer... bis bis"
-walking on the street, someone on the other side "hey hey -to their colleagues- look -pointing to me- a guy who plays with old computers" "where? where?" "over there, over there"
-a guy in a comic store... Ya man, an MSX Shirt, where did you bought it! Wink

From the side of my wife (I order a T-shirt for her Tongue),
-at work in her office, a quiet commentary "Hey look, she's going freak!" > < LOL LOL

Par [D-Tail]

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26-10-2005, 21:05

Hehe, I already met two persons who instantly wanted a t-shirt after they saw me wearing it Big smile

People on the street, when I wear my jacket halfways over it: "Hey hey, is that an MSX T-shirt?", and they tend to pull my jacket away a little in order to see the full picture. I always reply with, "wanna have one? Cause I know where to get them!", but then most of them decline Sad

Par BiFi

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27-10-2005, 07:56

That's a pretty obvious thing to say if you ask me: I know where to get them!. Of course you know, otherwise you wouldn't have had one, no do you? Wink

Par Whizzy

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27-10-2005, 10:31

I may going to wear mine tomorrow at work.. lets see what reactions it triggers.

Par SeD_NcL

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27-10-2005, 11:00

Still didn't wear mine. That's because I don't wear T-shirts... But maybe in the summer, when it's hot on the beach Smile Looking at the babes, wearing my MSX T-Shirt Big smile

Par Niles

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27-10-2005, 11:27

be careful... the "S" and the "X" together usually makes people think about SEX...


Par [D-Tail]

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27-10-2005, 14:48

Which isn't bad actually, when lying on the beach, surrounded by babes ^_^

Par Abi

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27-10-2005, 19:17

Great to see those reactions from other people when you wear the MSX t-shirt.
I must wear it soon too to see the reaction in this neighbour.
BTW we need to do something with those reaction that's for sure.
I mean we need to put MSX signs to point where a MSX fair is held like in old days when i visited Zandvoort or Tilburg.
I think we can get some same reactions and attract more visitors to a MSX fair!!!
Manual: Maybe the next MSX fair at Nijmegen?

Par Konamito

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27-10-2005, 19:33

My brother in law asked me: Could you give me one of your MSX T-shirt please? And I told him of course not.

Some people looked at the logo and I'm sure some of them know what's this about... Smile

Par Manuel

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27-10-2005, 23:15

Abi: I'll put up some A4's with big MSX logo on it and an arrow, so that people can more easily find the location. But only near the location, not all over the city.

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