How to destroy your MSX turbo-R

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Par Abi

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19-07-2005, 21:15

look at this auction:

I once have seen a white painted Turbo-r and a red one (on a MSX fair in holland iirc) and one gold paper, those where nice, but the one in this auction is ugly :(

Lord Zett has painted several of his MSX2 and the were nice to see too.
And someone else had changed his red leds of his Turbo-R for blue , that was nice see too.

Are there any other painted cases which are worth of seeing for the MSX fans here?

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Par djh1697

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19-07-2005, 21:32

obviously this guy has switched to "BlueMSX"

Par Sonic_aka_T

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19-07-2005, 22:44

I did the red turbo R btw, it was Marcel Kok's GT... Don't ask me why he wanted it painted red tho...

Par Sonic_aka_T

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19-07-2005, 22:44

(it had a matching red HD, btw ^_^)


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19-07-2005, 23:52 i know some one too :)

well i dont bother i wont even sell my turbo R

Par PsYcHeD

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20-07-2005, 00:45

'Pimp my Turbo-R'

Par snout

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20-07-2005, 00:46

I actually love that blue led mod. ^_^

Par FiXato

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20-07-2005, 05:39

It's not THAT bad... I've seen much worse 'case-mods'...

Par ro

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20-07-2005, 08:11

well, I kinda like that blue painted msx on ebay. !

Par [D-Tail]

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20-07-2005, 10:32

Only too bad those blue LEDs are so damn expensive - 1 to 1.5 euros per piece!


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20-07-2005, 14:18

nah that mod costed me less than €1,50 and a 30 min of work Smile
unmount your turbo r cassing unmount the LED PCB's desolder all red leds solder the new blue leds.....
put back your Turbo r together ....... test and viola........ TIP dont use to bright leds 400 micro amphere is more than enoug Wink

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