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Par Szczepaniak

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13-04-2005, 09:59


Vincents game is going on the disc I send to my editor, so hopefully it should go on the final disc.

I want to burn this disc and send it tomorow, since I am fast running out of time.
If ANYONE from the netherlands wants their home-made MSX games on the disc, post a URL here to a download, and I will include it, since otherwise it will just be Vincents game, all alone in a folder. (make sure they run with C-BIOS though)

Also, I still need the quote from an industry professional!!!
Regarding the history of games in the Netherlands, I was hoping MrRudi might be able to answer that.

But ANYONE who officially works int he games industry in gthe Netherlands would be great.

Ill need all this by the end of tomorow, and then Im posting the disc off.

Anyway, I must be off, thanks again!

Par [D-Tail]

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13-04-2005, 13:38

Maybe you could reach Ruud v/d Moosdijk via e-mail. The e-mail address I found on his Arranger website (*click here*) is this: arranger AT gameskool DOT nl.

Good luck!

Par dvik

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23-04-2005, 10:07

The sprite check works in blueMSX2.1 and earlier. It was unfortunately a bug that was introduced in 2.2. I fixed a sprite detection bug that made the intro to Dragon Quest 2 fail but apearantely the fix broke a few other things.

If someone knows, it would be great to get some info about exactly how the sprite collision bit is set and cleared and if there are differences in MSX1 and MSX2 screen modes.
In Dragon Quest 2 depends on that the bit is cleared by some other means than reading VDP status register 0. You can see the bug in blueMSX 2.1 and earlier and in openMSX.
blueMSX and some other emulators clears the bit the next line which fixes DQ2 but apearantely breaks other games.

So it seems like no emulator handles the collision detect bit correctly so if anyone have detailed information to share I think it would be helpful for all emulator developers (and hopefully lead to that the emulators are fixed)

Par Thom

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15-04-2023, 23:01

snout wrote:

interesting sidenote for the MSXers: Little Chicken Game Company is the company of the son of Luc 'MSX-Info' Sala Wink

Sorry for this necrobump, but I just read this on twitter:
It looks like Luc Sala passed away. RIP.

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