MSX resource center: I need info on Dutch and foreign games scenes

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Par ditman

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04-04-2005, 16:32

LOL!! I was just about to post "All your base are all belong to us!" in the 'Bullsh#t' post... Guys, this forum is starting to scare me Tongue Wink

Par Szczepaniak

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05-04-2005, 15:03

Hi all

Me again Smile

Regarding the photos and downloads, I've got a small list like you asked, and I was wondering if you could let me know if I would be able to use any/all of them.

With regards to the photos, I have found at least a few interesting images in all of these:

Bussum 2001
Bussum 2002
Bussum 2003
Bussum 2004
Harderwijk 2003
Mechelen 2002 (is this Holland?)
Oss 2002
Oss 2003
Oss 2005
Tilburg 1990
Tilburg 1995
Tilburg 1996
Tilburg 1999
Tilburg 2001
Tilburg 2002
Tilburg 2003
Tilburg 2004
Zandvoort 1995
Zandvoort 1996
Zandvoort 1997

Now, I was hoping to ask you to allow me to use all of them, with several of the best game-related images being featured in the actual article, credited to MRC, with the rest available on the disc similar to how they are avaiable on the site.

The reason why I have listed so many of these conventions, is because it perfectly captures the spirit of what I am trying to do in the article. I looked at them, many of which also feature non-MSX retro games, and they show perfectly that:
"People in the Netherlands have just as much gaming fun as everyone else in the world, maybe more!"

And so I was thinking it might really excite the readers and show them how diverse the Dutch scene is by including entire photo shoots of big conventions. They can look over it and hopefully be amazed at what goes on. I am certain none of them even knew thesethings went on.

Of course the difficulty would be arranging them nicely on the disc, the way they are set up online makes it a little tricky to save the web page to my HDD. Is there an offline version available for download somewhere perhaps?

Of course, if your not comfrotable with me using entire photo sets, would it be ok if I chose a few of the best to go in the article?

Also, these photo sets are from the following countries right?

MadriSX 2003 - Spain?
Mallorca 2001 - Spain?
MSXRio 2004 - Brazil?
There are also a few from Argentina right?

I ask, since I plan on writing similar features for Brazil, Spain, Argentina etc at a later date, and so of course more photos from conventions would be great. (also, personal statements from a few veteran gamers living in these areas would be great too)

As for the downloads, I couldn't work which of them had originated in Holland, since that is what I am currently focusing on, so I might have to leave those out. Unless anyone wants to nominate 5 good demo/games/mags/etc from the download section that originated in Holland and think should be included. Im no expert on the MSX, so of course would prefer to follow your judgement.

Thanks for all the help so far

btw, in case I didn't mention it already, my deadline is around the 20th of April.


Par Szczepaniak

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07-04-2005, 13:45

I am sorry to be a nuesance, but my deadline needs to be pushed back to the 18th.

I would like confirmation on being able to use the above mentioned photos.
I would also like some recomendations on 5 pieces of Dutch made software that I can download from the downloads section here, and of course the authors permission to use them.

I contacted Basix, and they were VERY helpful with info, and said I would be able to include software as long as I had the permission of the original authors. Though I will leave out any MSX emulators, since people should be able to acquire those themselves.

One final thing, I notice there are several people who develop games here, including MrRudi who posted a lot of info.
I would like to quote someone on the record, who works in the games indutry, regarding their thoughts.

"What do you think of the Dutch retro scene and the way it has developed over the years?"


"Tell us your thoughts in general on the way videogames have evolved over the decades in Holland. Do you miss anything from the olden days?"

A few sentecnes or lines on each, so that I can quote you directly would be fantastic. I think quoting some industry professionals would greatly add to the gravitas of the article.

Otherwise, if anyone has any other info, be sure to post it or email me.
And leave your full names if you want to be included in the thank-you section.

Thanks everyone Smile

Par snout

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07-04-2005, 23:08

About the photoshoots and downloads: if you send me a list of pictures and downloads you'd like to use, I can see if I can contact the original developers/photographers (if needed, as most of the photoshoots are made by the MRC crew) to ask for permission. In most cases I have accurate and recent contact information of the developers/photographers. Just give a yell at ;)

Par idrougge

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08-04-2005, 13:07

This is not MSX related, but surely you haven't forgotten to mention the high-profile Dutch composers of the late eighties and early nineties, such as Jeroen Tel/Maniacs of noise and Edwin van Santen (or is he Belgian?).

Par Szczepaniak

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08-04-2005, 14:25

I have not heard of them until now actually.
Anyway, the article is 95% complete, but if you could link me to a website with info, I will try to squeeze a few sentnces in.

You mean videogame composers right? Like Ron Hubbard?

Do you think theyd donate a piece of music or two for the cover disc?

Otherwise Ive got all the screens, and I will be emailing snout shortly.

Par Sonic_aka_T

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08-04-2005, 20:16

For mindblowing music you should ask Wolf_ if he'll let you use a couple of his tunes... Some of the OPL4 shit he makes it just... well... pretty Tongue

Par Manuel

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09-04-2005, 08:55

Szczepaniak: it might be wise to let some Dutchie (like Sander or me or so) proofread the article to spot errors...

Par Szczepaniak

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09-04-2005, 14:17

Surely you jest! Wink

Otherwise I will email a copy to Sander, if he doesnt mind, once Ive edited some bits.

Expect it by the end of the weekend.

Where is MrRudi btw? I was hoping for a quote from him, with his thoughts on the questions I posed above. Especially since he is part of the commercial Dutch development community.

Par snout

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09-04-2005, 14:24

Sczepaniak: I'm extremely short on spare time these days, so perhaps it's best to let manuel do the proofreading on this one (as he already offered to do so, I assume he won't mind Wink). I'll dive into the photoshoots for you this weekend...

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