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Par AuroraMSX

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01-04-2005, 13:16

Let's not forget to mention that the main part of MSX gaming in The Netherlands was about Japanese games

Ow? What about Eggbert, Teacher's Terror, Frantic, Nosh, the whole range of Radarsoft stuff (Topology ..., Grotten van Oberon, Eindeloos), Pumpkin Adventure 2 and 3, and - more recently - RoC? Just to name a few...

Of course, the list is not as long as the list of imported and mostly copied, games from Japan, but I wouldn't just put the dutch game developers aside as being close to irrelevant.

Par Algorythms

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01-04-2005, 13:23

... and quite some of those jap games were translated by dutchmen to English, right? (Oasis etc.)

Par [D-Tail]

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01-04-2005, 18:05

Indeed. SD-Snatcher, Ys2, Ys6, Xak series... just to name a few.

Par Sonic_aka_T

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01-04-2005, 20:23

Dudes, he's interrested in Dutch scene GAMES. I'm stoopid, and even I understood that much! Heck, I think even ro would've gotten this one!! Tongue

Par wolf_

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01-04-2005, 20:47

t00b: I agree!

Par Szczepaniak

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01-04-2005, 22:07

Well, I am interested all of the following that are unique to Holland:

* The MSX and its games
* Arcade games
* Consoles and their games
* Home computers and their games
* Game language patches made in Holland
* Games reporting in Holland
* Local companies that make games
* Homebrew games
* Local music bands that are influenced by games
* TV shows that report on games
* Games tournaments
* Anything based in Holland that is connected to games
* Games related material that can be put on the cover disc

So its ALL good! Smile

Some questions:

1) What can you tell me about Philips and the machines and games they made? I know they licesned out the MSX, they also made a machine called the G7000 and also the CDI. Any other info on this?

2) I have had a look at the downloads section, but there are MANY different items available. I am not sure which are specifically related to Holland, or were made in Holland. Can someone please give me a list of exclusively Dutch related downloads?

Also, does the MSX Resource Center give me full permission to include these downloads as long as I credit them?

3) Does anyone have any screenshots or photographs that I can use, that are related to any of the above?

Otherwise, I have begun work on the article.
At a later date I might have a few more specific questions to ask. If thats ok. Smile

I'm hoping to make this as comprehensive as possible.
The ultimate Dutch feature article in a UK magazine basically.
So be sure to give your thoughts!

PS: What is "fora" that someone mentioned earlier? I cannot find this in the menu bar at the sides.

Par Arjan

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01-04-2005, 22:10

for a recent homebrew game, check !

Par Bart

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01-04-2005, 22:13

About 2); MRC is not able to grant you the distribution rights to the software in the MRC downloads database. If you want to redistribute the freeware in that db you should contact the authors...

Par Szczepaniak

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01-04-2005, 22:33

Ahh, ok then.

Are there any authors on this forum board who like any of their work included?
You would of course recieve full credit, and retain ALL ownership rights to the work.
Otherwise I will keep tracking stuff down. Oh, and thanks for the link, a Netherlands dev team, looks great. Ill be sure to contact them.

What about the photographs on MRC? I see in the photoshoots there are loads of images from Dutch MSX conventions and other cool stuff. Photographs and other imagery is very important, so if you have ANY games related photos from Holland, would I please be able to use them? Smile

Thanks for the replies, if anyone wants to contact me directly, use this email:

Par MrRudi

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01-04-2005, 23:55

Well, I am interested all of the following that are unique to Holland:
* Local companies that make games

I'll focus on this one:

Game development companies in Holland:

- Engine Software ( which is my company, basically was a MSX-scene group that turned pro: from MSX-Engine to Engine Software. We made some games as a hobby for MSX (one of them, "DASS", was already mentioned in this topic) and professional games after that for Super Nintendo, PC, Pocket PC, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and now Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS.

- Guerrilla Games ( formerly known as Lost Boys Games, which was a fusion of Orange Games (famous thanks to Jazz Jackrabbit), Formula and Digital Innovation. Got a lot of media attention recently for KILLZONE (PS2). also released Shellshock (published by Eidos).

- Triumph Studios (, perhaps not that well known company but with a very loyal fancommunity. They were probably the first Dutch company since gaming got this big that scored an international hit with Age of Wonders (PC).

- Playlogic Gamefactory ( a young company (two years and counting) but with some very good investors. With Guerrilla Games the most 'visible' to outsiders. Released Alpha Black Zero (PC) and Airborne Troopers (PS2/PC). Also developed Xyanide (X-Box) and Cyclone Circus (PS2) which have not been released yet. We did a Gameboy Advance version of Xyanide for them, which has not been released yet either.

- Khaeon Games ( also a young company that developed Alpha Black Zero for PC, which was released by Playlogic (see above). Working on two new projects now, but they won't tell me what :(

- Nixxes: ( basically only do ports/conversions or partial development. Best known work includes Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Dreamcast) and Soul Reaver 2 (PC).

- Streamline Studios:( founded by two Americans (Hernandez brothers) that got into the industry through the modding scene. Specialize in making FMV sequences for games, and did for example the movies featured in James Bond: Nightfire and Ghost Recon 2.

- Overloaded ( focusses purely on mobile content.

- Little Chicken Game Company ( focusses purely on online games, and are damn good at that.

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