[April fools] IGN Entertainment acquires MSX Resource Center [press release]

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Par tfh

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29-03-2005, 18:30

Pitpan, it's fine, don't worry Wink Wink

But April fools is not American. It's "celebrated" worldwide, though not in all countries. And as for Thanksgiving, I just took that as an example, nothing more and nothing less.
And from what I see on the satelite, als Spanish stations broadcast American series, movies, etc... This would mean that also in Spain they should at least know it exists, without the fact that they celebrate it or even know what it's about.

MRC is an international site, and they should be able to participate in something international like April Fools.
On the other hand, the joke was too simple in my opionon, though the Press release thingie has a nice touch Smile

Par Alexandre_Taito

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29-03-2005, 18:58

I do hope this is a joke. I don't feel like MRC falling into capitalists' hands.

Par tfh

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29-03-2005, 19:07

I do hope this is a joke. I don't feel like MRC falling into capitalists' hands. Of course it's a joke...
But if you ever really want to have a "new MSX", it will probably be thanks to "capitalists". No matter how nice the current MSX comunity is, there will never be a serious "MSX 3" (or whatever) without "capitalists".
Without them, MSX would even have never existed!

/me wonders why a lot of people have problems with capitalism...
Maybe they should move to Cuba Wink

Par Algorythms

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29-03-2005, 22:04

[PUNK] Well capitalism isn't just wanting to make money. It's about doing anything to make money no matter the expenses. (Hostile takeovers, unemployment etc.) [/PUNK]

I actually think it's darn funny, since it has a hint of self irony. Tongue I hate April fools jokes that are so far from probable that a 5 year old would bust it. But why not the 1st of April?

Par Grauw

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29-03-2005, 22:46

Indeed, why not the 1st of April?

It must have been done on purpose, to taunt us!

(or it could be true, heh Smile)

Par ditman

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30-03-2005, 01:19

Where are all the 'You will be taken to XXX.com soon' banners and ads and all that stuff?

Nice joke, I promise I believed it at first... The announcement looks so... official... well, I don't like ign.com either... :/

Par mars2000you

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31-03-2005, 21:41

140 minutes before 0.00 European time

The penguins will all disappear and will be replaced by fishes ....

It's the revenge of the fishes against the penguin's dictatorship Tongue

Par snout

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02-04-2005, 12:11

After IGN acquiring MRC and C-BASIC 0.01, there was more april fools action for MSX this year. MSXPro was MACpro for one day ;)

Anyone else noticed a cool MSX april fools joke?

(particularly cool 'ordinary' april fools jokes are allowed as well :P)

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