Where are the Midi files??

Par kuuno

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29-08-2004, 14:14

Hello everybody!

Can anyone tell me where the MIDI files are?
I just got my mobile phone back from the service center and my backup is screwed up, so no nice ringelingdingtones for me at this moment...

Result of the search in MRC:

MIDI music again! We have added the first compile and TE Soft MIDI files online. Plus Snatcher and Thundercross MIDI files. We have now over 150 Music tracks online. Please mail to resource@msx.org if you want us to host your MIDI files here also. Let other people enjoy your music

- Q

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Par snout

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05-09-2004, 23:39

The MRC has offered quite a lot of MIDI files for download until December 2002. Although we had planned to put those MIDI files back sooner or later, it somehwo didn't fit in with the website anymore. Perhaps we'll put the MIDIPLAYer (ghe) back online in future updates Wink

Par ren

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10-02-2017, 12:34

So, as MSX midi's seem scarce nowadays on the interwebs... I'm interested in this MRC MIDI archive? Smile