Which is the hardest space shoot´em up MSX game ever?

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Par Turrebo

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19-12-2012, 10:50

kwilting wrote:

Hype (by the bytebusters) is quite difficult.

I realy suck at shooters, the only exception being Hype. Never finished the game because it got boring after 15 minutes or so.
Oh, and I finished Zanac-Ex, but only because at the time the rumor got around that it didn't have an ending, and I wanted to see if that was true.

The hardest shoot-em up I played was, well, the rest of 'em. Especially Konami's are insane.

Par texasmsxcollector

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19-12-2012, 11:06

I read about that rumor a few years ago. it's odd the kind of strange rumors that people start and that actually circulate around the gaming community. I remember when I was a in grade school there was a rumor about Mike Tysons Punchout on the NES in the United States that was about the end of the game. It was an odd rumor about an easter egg or something which enabled a gunman to come to the boxing ring and shoot Mike Tyson. I thought it was odd when I was a kid, and it's funny now that I think about it. Kids are silly.

Par Turrebo

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19-12-2012, 11:21

texasmsxcollector wrote:

Kids are silly.

Still am LOL!

Par Akiguchi

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19-12-2012, 13:22

I don't know, but Salamander isn't that hard for me even though I can't finish it, but first three levels or so are rather easy. It seems that different peoples brain responds differently to different kind of shooters. Wink I think both Zanacs are not that hard that people tell them to be.

But what is very hard and like hell is Aleste 2 - I tried it about 10 times yesterday and couldn't get to the 2nd stage. It is very frustrating game! Also Laydock 2 is very hard, I've managed to get only to 2nd level. But for some reason Famicle Parodic didn't felt that hard, I completed about 4 levels rather easily on my second try. Very strange, isn't it?! Big smile

Par anonymous

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19-12-2012, 14:18

Aleste 2 actually sets its difficulty based on the disk which you boot it from. There are 3 difficulties.
If you boot the game with disk A, it will be on most easy (if I remember correctly).
Boot disk B or C with [SELECT] held down to get to the sound test (play with [SHIFT], stop with [SPACE], where you can also set the difficulty with cursor up/down. Easiest one looks like this (which literally means "human"):

Attempting to play track 0 will get you to the weapons menu. Now, you can also use [SELECT] + cursors to choose the area to start in. By the way, you can configure your plane's speed if you hit [STOP] in-game.

Considering hard shooters, Sea Sardine and Xevious are pretty tough. And if you don't know it yet, try Hydefos because it's awesone.

Par Akiguchi

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19-12-2012, 19:21

Btw. Am I just imagining that Zanac Ex seems to be slower on real Turbo R (or emulated Turbo R) than on BlueMSX emulating MSX2? Is there some compatibility issues? Because it is so slow (when there's more enemies on screen) it becomes rather easy and a bit boring. Original Zanac is faster and because of that I enjoy it a bit more.

Par Meits

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19-12-2012, 19:33

I remember not having any problems at all with Aleste 2 back in the days. Just a while ago I played it from CF after concating it and running it with Runit. Damn it was hard. Only thing different than in the early days (at least for the game to know) was that it was now running in DOS2... Peculiar...

Par Randam

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19-12-2012, 23:52

I'm amazed that Pleasure Hearts isn't mentioned yet. That game can get crazy hard. Especially in the last level.

Andorogynus is quite hard to finish all 13 levels and Hydefos is doable but there are one or two zones you can get to, which are neigh impossible once you die there.

Par W76NearDark

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04-01-2013, 16:57

I always find the Laydock series quite troublesome...


Paragon (1279)


08-01-2013, 00:24

Salamander is cruel but for me Vaxol is a really hard game,

if it can be considered shooter...Vaxol is really hard,

and Andorogynus is is another game that I have not finished,


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