Which is the hardest space shoot´em up MSX game ever?

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Par Imanok

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27-05-2004, 08:35

Smile Nice one! Will try it when I've got some spare time...

And it also seems that the game isn't working correctly on an European (expanded) MSX2+. That is, the title screen looks somewhat weird, as for that white block in the middle. Perhaps you use direct codes from the JIS ROMs? The European lacks them, you know Wink. My A1ST displays the game perfectly Smile

Yes, the game editor makes use of the kanji rom.

Par SaebaMSX

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29-05-2004, 13:20

I think that I just could finish the 5 stages of Space Trouble and I was near the end of Kyokugen...

For me they are all difficult these shoot'em ups for MSX!!! Smile

Par snout

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29-05-2004, 15:14

Kyokugen is doable, until the part where you get shot into space (final stage??) Damn, that stage is completely undoable! Smile

Par [D-Tail]

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29-05-2004, 19:17

Ah come on man! Kyokugen is one of the easiest games around. For instance, it's definately easier than Aleste or Aleste 2! Big smile

Par ro

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30-05-2004, 12:09



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30-05-2004, 12:42

Don't forget D.A.S.S

It's hard to finish even with unlimited continues cheat!



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21-06-2004, 18:03

1 Salamander
2 nemesis 2
3 spacemanbow
4 nemesis 3
5 nemesis 1

Par Low_Profile

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21-06-2004, 19:44

D.A.S.S. ??? are you kidding me? I bought that on the fair in Doetinchem, and I already finished it before the fair was over (yeah, it wasn't a really busy fair, so i had the time to game a little) Tongue

so, it was WAY too easy Smile

Par Sinful

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14-12-2011, 23:54

A friend of mine has Gradius 3 and 4 for PS2 Smile
Nice games, but way too easy... Except for the Boss monster of lv. 5 of gradius 4. That one's a HELL! Smile

I don't believe this even for a second. Gradius 3 for the Arcade (The Gradius 3 & 4 pack for PS2 contains the Arcade versions of Gradius 3 & 4. Not the much easier SNES version of Gradius 3) is one of the hardest shoters EVER!!! Zero doubt about that, you can read about it's legendary difficulty everywhere, and have tried it myself (yeah, game is unbelievably hard allright). So you sure you weren't playing with the easiest setting possible plus infinate use of the Konami code that the easiest setting probably allows? Because even the most professional Gradius players out there buckle at the might that is Gradius 3 Arcade.

Gradius 4 ain't that much easier either on defalut difficulty. In higher loops it may even surpass Gradius 3 in difficulty? (That's the thing you've got to love about them Gradius series. Want a higher challange? Try the next loop... then the next loop, then the next loop, and so on)

Anywho, what I really want to know here is, which Gradius for MSX is harder between Nemesis 2 and Nemesis 3. (And remember that Nemesis 3 has 3 difficulty setting via cheat codes. So if you can provide further info on how Nemesis 2 compares with all difficuty setting of Nemesis 3, the better. Plus anyone know what loop both these games stop becoming harder & which game is hardest at maximum loop difficulty + cheat code to make the game hardest?)

Par retrocanada76

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15-12-2011, 03:10

Easy: ZORAX. Its so hard you probably cant even run it in you msx. You need a brazilian one Santa

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