BlueMSX-Wii 1.0

par timbr on 28-08-2009, 16:28
Sujet: Emulation

BlueMSX-Wii V1.0 has been released today. It's a full featured Wii port of the BlueMSX 2.8.2 emulator core with a custom game selection GUI on top of it. New in this version:

  • Updated to BlueMSX V2.8.2
  • Added: full support for GameCube controller
  • Fixed: problems with 'save state', also improved speed of saving a lot
  • Fixed: Allow empty screenshot elements in gamelist.xml files
  • Missing 'Screenshots' sub directories are now automatically created (on generating screenshot)
  • Solved: showing wrong day of state files

You can install it by extracting the zip file from this download section to the root of your SD card and start it by using 'the homebrew channel'. BlueMSX-Wii 1.0 will also be available through the homebrew browser soon.

If you find any bugs, or have further suggestions, you can always help to improve this software by emailing the developers.

Relevant link: WiiMSX
Relevant link: demonstration video

Commentaires (11)

Par muffie

Paladin (933)

Portrait de muffie

28-08-2009, 17:10

MiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSX is much better...

Par timbr

Resident (43)

Portrait de timbr

28-08-2009, 17:55

Can you explain why? I'm curious. MiiSX does not even have a descent user interface.

Par dvik

Prophet (2200)

Portrait de dvik

28-08-2009, 18:36

Yeah I'm quite surprised about that comment too. I haven't tried either yet (still need do buy that console) but after reading comments it sounds like the BlueMSX-Wii has quite a few advantages over MiiMSX, but then I guess it depends on what muffie thinks is important in an emulator. Perhaps MiiMSX provides those things...

Par Manuel

Ascended (18397)

Portrait de Manuel

28-08-2009, 18:39

You shouldn't take muffie very serious Tongue He's mostly trying to be sarcastic about Slotman. Seems to be a big part of his life.

Par lionelritchie

Champion (439)

Portrait de lionelritchie

28-08-2009, 22:32

poor slot. dont be so evil, let's all praise miisx.CryingCrying

Par spl

Paragon (1470)

Portrait de spl

28-08-2009, 22:34

Outstanding!!! ^^

Par muffie

Paladin (933)

Portrait de muffie

28-08-2009, 23:53

Quibus just suggested that my life is only that: IT IS!
Actually I prefer MiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSX just because it's made in Brazil and PSG sounds much better.

Actually2: I'm not having enough time even for breathing these days. I should FOCUS MY TREMENDOUS TALENT into MSX starting 2010...
*PS* Sorry...

Par Vampier

Prophet (2386)

Portrait de Vampier

29-08-2009, 00:28

nice release Tim... and please ignore our 2 Brazilian trolls. MiiSX isn't bad but right now it takes to many manually steps to get all games running.

The only problem I have are some continuation issues (slow downs) but nothing I can't live with.

Par lionelritchie

Champion (439)

Portrait de lionelritchie

29-08-2009, 19:41

everybody knows you like being trolled, vampier.

Par Hydlide

Master (171)

Portrait de Hydlide

31-08-2009, 14:21

I have never been able to get MiiMSX running properly.
BlueMSX-Wii runs "out of the box" pretty well.
Some games in the gamepack though (Laydock) behave a bit weirdly (like controls not working) but all in all a very good emu!

Par SaebaMSX

Hero (533)

Portrait de SaebaMSX

13-09-2009, 13:17

I don't know why but this version is not working for me. RC version is working with no problems. The Wii where I've tested it is PAL and firm is 3.3E.

It hangs the Wii with a black screen.