D4E offers 25% discount on OCM

par snout on 24-06-2008, 22:32
Sujet: MSX Revival

Celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of MSX, D4 Enterprise are currently selling the last 250 One Chip MSX computers from the initial batch of 5,000 at 25% discount. As a result, sale price (in Japan) is now 15,590 Yen (at current rates about € 85,-) ex. shippnig and VAT. Needless to say, the offer stands for residents of Japan only.

Relevant link: Project MSX

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Par Ivan

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24-06-2008, 23:51

What!? 25 years have passed since the MSX was introduced and someone is still selling MSX computers?? MSX is alive and kicking Smile

Par dhau

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25-06-2008, 00:11

Wow I paid a lot more...

Par [D-Tail]

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25-06-2008, 00:53

Lucky for us, there's still the ESE MSX System 3, available for € 200,- oO

Par dhau

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25-06-2008, 00:56

Isn't it the same thing (OCM and ESE MSX System 3) ?

Par SaebaMSX

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25-06-2008, 09:05

This is the same, Adrian.

Par Atheus

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25-06-2008, 10:14

And what about the western edition ? No way ?Sad

Par tfh

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25-06-2008, 13:30

Well.. I am getting more and more doubtfull about ever seeing a "western version" of the OCM. And of course th 25th birthday is a nice excuse for the 25% off, but I guess they just can't get rid of those last ones anymore? Whe else take 25% off?
Maybe it's an idea to see if someone cat get his hands on a few, to sell the the Western people still waiting for the OCM....

Par dhau

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25-06-2008, 18:25

I think OCM Western Edition is coming out right between Phantom Game Console and Duke Nukem Forever video game

Par iamweasel2

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25-06-2008, 20:09

Maybe they are giving a discount because they are about to release the OCM 2.0 . Wink

Par dhau

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26-06-2008, 03:08

More likely they are giving discount because they are siting on a relatively small stock of 5000 units for almost 3 years, and whoever invested in production run is anxious to recover at least some money...

Par syn

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24-06-2021, 18:08

nice price 85 euro