Compile returns?

par snout on 05-06-2006, 23:06
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Source: Gigamix Online

In January 2003 we had some sad news to report. Compile, developer of such gaming series as Aleste, Disc Station, Golvellius, Randar and Puyo Puyo went bankrupt. Several of their copyrights were sold to SEGA, whilst the former president of Compile (Mr. Niitani) soon started Aiky, which represented the remaining copyrights of Compile, and released several Compile classics on mobile phone and in the retro gaming platform Project EGG.

Now, as of June 2nd, a new game development company, called Compile Heart has been established by the Idea Factory. Although little to no information is available as of yet, the logo certainly looks like one or more Compile employees intend to continue developing games in Compile Spirit from now on. We will certainly inform you on any MSX related steps this new company might take in the future.

Relevant link: Compile Heart

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Par Sonic_aka_T

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06-06-2006, 12:42

Dare I say: Moooooooo! Tongue

Par Samor

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06-06-2006, 15:03

too bad they lost the puyo license to sega (I like Sega, but Sonicteam needs to do Sonic, not Puyo Wink )
Dunno where Zanac and Aleste (and Randar) went, but it's not too hard to create a similar game based on a new license. And we definately need more stuff like that. ZanacXZanac showed they could still pull it off....

Par Sama

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06-06-2006, 17:13

It appears to me that at least Aiky has little to do with this Compile Hearts. There seems to be no connection to mr. Niitani, who is - as far as I know - the proprietor of the Compile copyrights. Of course, these copyrights could have been transferred to this newly established company, but chances are low on that.

Still, it's unclear if there's any connection between this company and the Compile we know. The logo, for instance, looks very similar, but is not an exact copy. They could have done this to avoid trademark issues, but there could also be other reasons (as, if you ask me, trademark issues won't be avoided with just such a small adaptation).

Par Yukio

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14-06-2006, 01:23

Nice, maybe start up companies would need a good start ...

More companies could signify more business!