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par Fudeba on 14-02-2006, 20:02
Sujet: Websites

Many years ago, Novatec hosted a service called MSX Rating. It was a ranking system, presenting a list of the most visited MSX WebSites. Unfortunately, MSX Rating was disabled a long time ago. MSX Resource Center also shortly offered an MSX website rating facility, called Top Sites, which was closed in January 2002.

As of now, a new MSX Rating service has been introduced, with even more features than the original one. To webmasters, this rating can give a nice impression of the amount of visitors a website attracts, and it's relative popularity to other websites, whereas visitors of websites linked to MSX Rating can easily find other MSX websites. Webmasters interested in a daily page visit counter with MSX logo can register an account at the MSX Rating WebSite.

Relevant link: MSX Rating WebSite

Commentaires (17)

Par Whizzy

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14-02-2006, 21:08

nice.. just added Paragon to the list, now we only need visitors !! Cool

Visit if you haven't got already LOL!

Par tfh

Prophet (3207)

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14-02-2006, 22:04

SPAM SPAM! Wink Wink
Anyway, I added the counter to Smile But I guess I won't reach the #1-spot like I did in the old MSX Rating Wink

Par snout

Ascended (15187)

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14-02-2006, 22:39

Anyone who joined the MSX Rating service is allowed to spam the URL of the website here Wink

Par Konamito

Paragon (1038)

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15-02-2006, 00:16

Well, I added mine too to this fantastic rating engine! Wink My webpage is, it's in spanish but I'm thinking about english translation.

Par tfh

Prophet (3207)

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15-02-2006, 08:25

@Snout, well.. OK Smile Smile <-- Go there! Dunno why, but just do it!

Par msxgamesbox

Champion (397)

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15-02-2006, 10:22

Since everybody does it's little promotion... the Rating System has been added to MSX Café as well. Just go to and join the other 110 french msx mads!

Par viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

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15-02-2006, 12:42

A nice initiative. I've just added the Karoshi Forums to the list!.

Par SeD_NcL

Master (152)

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15-02-2006, 14:43

MSX Posse too LOL!LOL!LOL!

Par Yukio

Paragon (1540)

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15-02-2006, 16:02

Another MSX Rating ...LOL!

Par Sonic_aka_T

Enlighted (4130)

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15-02-2006, 17:53

Nice! I really liked the MSX rating system back then! Great to see it back! Smile

Par Sylvester

Hero (563)

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15-02-2006, 19:50

hmm, it seems we generate too many hits:

Error connecting to SQL Server.
Try again later!

Too bad, cause now it slows down my site Sad

Par Fudeba

Expert (113)

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15-02-2006, 22:10

Just corrected.
Buggy, buggy! Tongue

Par BiFi

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16-02-2006, 07:11

Nice initiative to restart the MSX Rating... though I wonder why not use GIF (or even better PNG) to enable transparency? People with a different background color will have a white rectangle because of the image.

Par Fudeba

Expert (113)

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16-02-2006, 17:56

Well, that is a 3D border. In my dark sites it looks good. Tongue
Anyway, I did not used PNG because not all browsers support it. I do not want to do something that works only on latest browsers.
Maybe I can add an option for GIF with transparent border, if you want to. But it'll be an aditional parameter. Smile

Par rflopes2000

Supporter (8)

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21-02-2006, 02:45

Nice job! I added (MSX.bas) to the list. LOL!

Par viejo_archivero

Paragon (1395)

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23-02-2006, 09:55

Just a question for the MSX Rating crew... how the counter works?. I mean, how the rating is obtained?. Please, check this screenie, and you'll see how this morning Karoshi Corp. forums counts 7 visitors + 1 user but the MSX Rating just counts 5... kinda strange. Anyone? :-?

Par Fudeba

Expert (113)

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23-02-2006, 16:12

The counter only register different IPs. If more than one access is made from de same IP on the same day, it is just ignored.
If it was showing a counter of 5, that means 5 different IPs had acessed that page (or, at least, had accessed and waited for
MSX Rating image to be "called").