YS3 - Wanderers from YS for Playstation 2

par snout on 29-05-2004, 15:26
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Source: The Magic Box

Taito have announced they will release Playstation 2 remakes of Falcom's classic RPG's YS3 (Wanderers from YS), YS4 (Mask of the Sun) and YS5. As we had already announced earlier: Konami will release a Playstation 2 version of the latest part in the YS saga: YS6, The Ark of Napishtim. As YS1 and 2 Eternal are already available for Sony Playstation 2, the complete YS series will soon be available for this popular console. Taito had already teamed up with Falcom in order to release YS6 for mobile phones.

Relevant link: Falcom's website

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Par robertwilting

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29-05-2004, 19:34

why Mask of the sun and not The dawn of YS which is much cooler according to most people.

Par PsYcHeD

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30-05-2004, 00:28


Par snout

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28-07-2004, 14:18

The game will be relesed September 30th. Rikusu, why aren't you in Japan at that time? Smile