sony 700p screen turned black and white:(

Par moony

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15-03-2004, 22:42

hay i got this problem .. i bought a 700p and the picture is black and white..
i had this problem before (like 8 years ago)

back then it happend after a demo .. and it was fixed by an old friend. with a poke or a setting or whatever..
but it was solved in 1 command lineSmile

the thing is

i dont remember the lineSad

can someone help me uot..

i got the feelin the hb700 is set in monogroom setting instead of colorSad

any hepl would be appreciatedSmile

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Par djh1697

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15-03-2004, 23:18

The composite video output of the HB700 is monochrome, for a colour output you need to use a RGB/Scart lead, the wiring of which can by found in the FAQ.

Par flyguille

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15-03-2004, 23:19

the VDP can be seted on 60 or 50 HZ (NTSC or PAL) but that selection is restored always on any RESET...

sometime the COLOUR OSCILATOR of the TV SET can't sync with a inexact colour frequency modulation. Just try testing on other TV SET for see if the problem is that.

Sure the Switch of the msx is set in the same norm than the TV set?

Par Repair-Bas

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16-03-2004, 16:42


If all screens on the sony are black.white then you use the wrong cable.
You need a RGB cable.

If only the basic screen is black white, then you have to change the colors with the F6 key.
Then you type set screen.

A sony 700 has no switch for the colors, this is only only on the Sony HB-f9p.