Compile copyrights sold to Aiky

par snout on 29-01-2003, 18:32
Sujet: MSX Related

Source: RetroPC

A small Japanese software development company, Aiky bought the copyrights of all (remaining) software titles released by Compile, including patents and trademarks. As we reported earlier, the legendary Compile softwarehouse is no more. Aiky was founded in november 2002 and employs ten persons. The company has a capital of -only- 3 million yen (about 22700 euro). Earlier this year, Aiky already laid their hands on the copyrights of Pochittonya and Mado monogatari. It seems likely that Aiky is founded by former Compile employees in an attempt to continue developing software, although this is not confirmed as of yet.

Thanks go out to Laurens Holst and Takamichi Suzukawa for helping out on some translation work.

On the Compile website visitors are already pointed to Aiky.