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par Sander on 22-08-1996, 00:00
Sujet: MRC

Hello MSX lovers and friends,

It isn't what I want it to be yet, but I am at a point that I dare to say: There is a new MSX page on the Net. Please update your links and let my page be your linking page. I update this page at least twice a week, so there's no need to do any searching your own. I'll check every search-engine around twice a week like MSX related sites, midi music and links to (ex)-msx developer and software companies.Everybody wants to do this, but I often hear that people don't have the time to make something nice of it.

Drop your idea's, comments and suggestions in my mailbox, and I'll do my best to make the site even better. Do you have a page that's not included? Drop a note! Do you want something added? Drop me a note! You have good ideas? Well, you already guessed it Smile There's also some software from JBsoftware that goes completely free and this will stay that way. This site is not a commercial site in any way. Anyway, point your browser (Netscape gives best results) to and let me know what you think of it.

Happy MSX-ing,
Sander van Nunen

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Par Latok

msx guru (3780)

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03-08-2010, 23:44

Echoes from the past. Wonderful stuff. Thanks sander Smile

Par MäSäXi

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04-08-2010, 08:33

"Not Found

The requested URL /~sandervn/msx.html was not found on this server."

Par mars2000you

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20-12-2011, 17:40

First trace of MRC on Internet :

You can see the difference ! ;)

Par konamiman

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18-10-2019, 13:05

"Netscape gives best results" - how lovely. I got my first Internet-capable computer in the Christmas of that year by the way.