Beer 202 IDE interface

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Par adrcunha

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16-03-2005, 18:12

According to Sunrise site (, Sunrise IDE gets almost 300K/s on a TR. About the bottlenecks on Sunrise IDE, I don't believe it's due to code issues. Sunrise IDE BIOS is very well coded (I know its code from disassembling), so I believe that the bottleneck is indeed due to hardware issues (not int the inteface itself, but in ATA IDE itself - you must control/set too much things for communicating with the ATA IDE device).

Par HansO

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16-03-2005, 21:38

I have updated all information available on the BEER IDE 202 interface, including the sources of the disk partitioning program by Egor and links to relevant information on the MSX Do it Yourself page on my website
Thanks to JP Grobler for continuing the search!

Par adrcunha

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16-03-2005, 22:12

Great, Hans! I was goingo to mail you asking for such update in your pages. Smile

Par Alexandre_Taito

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16-03-2005, 22:25

In Brazil, the solution I found is to buy one of that 6-in-1 USB card adapters that are being sold in Mercado Livre (our local E-Bay) for R$ 20-30 and from there building a CF - IDE adapter. Is just a board with some rewire, I'll post schematics/board as soon as I have free time to do that.

Par jpgrobler

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01-05-2005, 16:55

Any user experiences?

Par HansO

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04-05-2005, 19:51

PCB-design for BEER IDE thanks to Arnold Metselaar.
Available at - MSX Whats New

In Eagle format and postscript. Arnold says the design is not tested, so use at your own risk!

Par DaBest

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22-05-2005, 20:10

Any user experiences?

Well, the IDE BIOS hangs with almost all 2,5" notebook drives, the only one I got past to the disk boot was a 20Mb(!) very very very old drive...
Some are detected, but I cant get a boot from floppy...

The HDDPREP program from Egor have some errors (A:> hddprep.mac report alot of errors (a $updateok symbol doesn't exist, an ld hl(startp), many ld hl,SEC and a warning inc h,(ix+1))

I have tested more than 10 notebook drives, from 20Mb to 6Gb.

Par flyguille

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22-05-2005, 20:18

LD hl(startp) ... can be LD hl,(startp)
ld hl,SEC ??? check if SEC label is defined

inc h,(ix+1) doesn't exists, change it for LD h,(ix+1)

Par Fudge

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26-05-2005, 20:31

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26-05-2005, 20:40

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