mglOCM - Megarom Loader for 1Chip MSX - v1.01
by ToughkidCST 2013 12-26

Rom Loader for 1Chip MSX - mglOCM v1.01 released.

What's New

1.01 :

- Many Konami SCC-I(SCC+)rom games support.
This means mglOcm can be used with OCM's SCC+ Sound Controller
for the music uses Konami SCC+ Sound Cartridge.

Antarctic Adventure - European Version (1984)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-701]
Go Othello. Connect Stones (1989)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+]
Gradius. Nemesis (1986)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-742]
Hyper Rally (1985)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-718]
Hyper Somen. Rice Eating (1989)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+]
Hyper Sports 2 (1984)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-717]
Knightmare. Majyo Densetsu (1986)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-739]
Konami's Boxing (1985)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-736]
Pippols (1985)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-729]
Road Fighter (1985)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-730]
Sky Jaguar (1984)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-721]
Super Cobra (1983)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-705]
Title Memory (1989)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+]
Tsururin Kun. Rice Eating 2. Egg Stealing (1989)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+]
Twin Bee (1986)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-740]
Video Hustler. Konami's Billiards (1984)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-706]
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (1985)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-725]
Yie Ar Kung-Fu II - The Emperor Yie-Gah (1985)(Konami)(JP)[SCC+][RC-737]

- fixes for many roms compatibility issue

and I've made some miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.


This is the loader application that support to execute megarom cartridge images
like Konami-SCC, Ascii-8 and Ascii-16 all mappers for 1Chip-MSX(OCM)

mglOcm is only for 1chip-MSX compatible loader which loads MSX-Rom image file
needless to change any DIP switches and any mapper patches.

This is possible because mglOcm use 1chipMSX's hardware mapper controller, if you using mglOcm in
load to rom image will complete supports ASCII8 and ASCII16 mappers
and this executed megarom images perfectly.


full MSX-DOS2 support

Konami Mapper with SCC
ASCII 8 kB Mapper
ASCII 16 kB Mapper
2 romimages load to OCM's internal memory slots.


MSXDOS2 must be loaded to run


mglOcm gradius2.rom
mglOcm bublbobl.rom

...And more some command line options are as below.

/g = guess through romfile mapper type
/o = forced execute rom on Konami Mapper
/s = forced execute rom on Konami-SCC Mapper
/8 = forced execute rom on Ascii-8 Mapper
/f = forced execute rom on Ascii16 Mapper
/k = Konami 2nd Cartridge secret option
/d = back to DOS prompt after loading rom file


MSXDOS2, kdl firmware of v3.1 and over .


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Commentaires (2)

Par KdL

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15-02-2014, 15:29

hi, the text of internal help has errors........

'excute' instead of execute
/d: the description is ommitted

Par moonsuncst

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24-01-2015, 03:08

mglOcm 1.5f Updated

What's New
1.5 final :

- Fixes for Rom Cartridge mappers auto detection module issues.
- Many MSX rom cartridge games stability improvement. (so many improvements!)

mglOCM is a MSX ROM loader for the "KDL firmware's OneChip MSX"
that allows you to run msx rom cartridge images (like Konami-SCC, ASCII-8 and ASCII-16, 8, 16, 32k, linear rom files)
on your device without setting any DIP switches or mapper patches.

Thanks KDL!~

mglOcmv1.5f Download here.