CharSetter v1.0

par epolesi on 16-06-2020, 16:14

A charset (character set) changer utility for the MSX System.

This program changes the original character set of a MSX manchine. It is meant to run in ROM, through a cartridge. It was developed using the C language and Z-80 Assembly.

It can be useful for those who wants to run MSX software designed for different languages from the hardware localization, so that all characters and symbols can be displayed correctly in the original software language, without hardware modifications.

This program acts only on the charset font bitmap, it doesn't affect key mappings or keyboard configuration.

The package contains a collection of .rom files. One of them, the CharSetter_multi_menu.rom, offers support for multiple charsets, with menu selection, and has 32KB of size. The rest of the .rom files, named CharSetter_single_*.rom, are single-charset, without menu, and have 16KB of size.

The single-charset ROMs can be useful for people who often runs software made for a specific charset (language), and don't want to stop at every boot to select that specific charset.

The multi-charset ROM can be useful for people who often runs software made for many different charsets (languages), and/or don't bother selecting the charset at every boot.

CharSetter can be deactivated at boot time by holding down the UP key for a while, during the machine boot.
For the multi-charset version, you can also abort CharSetter by pressing ESC at the main menu.

The following MSX charsets are supported:

Brazilian BRASCII (Gradiente)
Brazilian BRASCII (Sharp)
Brazilian Gradiente v1.0
Brazilian Sharp v1.1

Screenshot of the multi-charset version menu:

The source code may be of interest. Please see take a look at the GitHub project:

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