may i msx LD this to you

By caincan

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14-09-2010, 23:03

hello to the msx world. i read numerous times from the past this international forum and really liked to see these meetings from south america, north europe, spain. and in France i read sometimes the forums (many died) where JIPE, Adoru, some hardcore guys come. (some meetings occur too , i missed them all for the moment :/ )

my story is of memories and regrets ! in France, a magazine was impressive about the msx/msx2 stuff : "Micronews" between hentai pictures and Metal gear test, i was sure this machine was hot !

years pass... moved too much times (lived near Spain, now in Paris). i have a panasonic A1 Wsx (near spain) (but it's like dead alive since i tried upgrading it to 512kb (not sure if it's the ram incorrect or bad solder, but i nearly did damage to the cmos :/ )

i have some games in box, a metal gear European version, a msx1 Sanyo phc w/64kb (dont know the version but with some weird cartridge ram who was slotted in ?!)

recently i bought a sony fb700, because in standard it's good with 256kb to run many megaroms rips

and... least , i love laserdiscs. so i have a Palcom Smile , i searched many times on YJA auctions, and finally i succeeded -because- i got the 2 parts ! palcom +LD player. but not in one package.. it's so much $$$ for that

i made myself a listing of the laserdiscs players who could support the msx ! my listing is about 2 times more than the many short lists we see on the web !! always mention of the "classics" LD-700.. as you know. but there are more i'm certain ! (the special output on the back proves it, the harder is to get pictures of these players, but with time and hunting specs and pics i was able. there is my contribution Smile ! )

LD-9000, LD-700, LD-7000, LD-7100, LD-5000, LD-V500, LDP-150, CLD-7, CLD-70, CLD-9000, LV-10CD, LD-S1

so i got the 2 parts separately (and a Palcom px-V60, NIB, NOS condition), . (but with only 2 games, roads to murder and the one with F14 tomcat)

thanks for reading :)

well.. i hope now playing some shmups gems :) especially this Kyokugen from M-Kai (i like STG, Shmups on lot of platforms, even have a Fmtowns UR & X68000 to play them :) )

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By syn

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15-09-2010, 13:16

Welcome Big smile

nice stuff you got there. The x68000 and maybe fm towns, I would love to have one day. And congrats on the LD, they are rare and expensive I know, how much did you pay for it?

Btw I hope you havent thrown away that broken Panasonic A1 Wsx, maybe someone can repair it someday (not me I dont know much about electronics). Besides I really LOVE the look of most of the japanese msx2+ by panasonic and sony (I had a sanyo wavy fd2 and I always thought those others looked better) and I plan to make some casemod out of it if I can get my hands on a broken one. (like some m-itx pc with mame/msx emulator or whatever)

By caincan

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15-09-2010, 18:46

hi, still have it hoping to save it one day or some Msx guru in France (if i can meet JIPE who has skills , but better hope it soon, he's old man Smile. too i like this sophisticated look of panasonic. this one costed me much i remember (YJA auctions... where msx rise so much even !). Casemods is too kewl i figure.

dont remember for the Palcom, but the worst was about shipping from japan. but from what i could remember, it was about 50% less than the "bundle" when it appears in auctions...

my x68k & fmtowns ur (so cute)