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13-01-2007, 20:36

Hi there !

Foske, in daily life known as Jos Hulzink. Not very famous or anything. As member of MSX GG Tilburg I have been member of the well known Tilburg fair organisation for many years.

I've written a Marklin Digital controller application and some Tilburg promotion stuff ( a demo and a little game, Amazing Maze ).
I also have played a lot with hardware. I bought myself tweo 8250s again one year back and now I have some time to pimp them again. One is supposed to be original except for the audio fixes and new cartridge connectors.

I started easy with autofire inside the computer (like many 2+es have) and DOS 2.20, next project wil be a 2 or 4 MB SIMM and conversion of one of the 8250s into a PC Tower. Also I'm building a PC keyboard converter based on an Atmel.



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