OpenMSX debugger ?

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By sd_snatcher

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30-12-2019, 23:39

The Debugger is working fine here on macOS 10.14 too. Got the precompiled binary. But I had to download/install the Qt library separately.

By Grauw

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30-12-2019, 23:43

Ah, yes, I have installed Qt via Homebrew:

brew install qt

By ericb59

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31-12-2019, 07:44

Ok. I will give it another try LOL!

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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31-12-2019, 17:21

Manuel wrote:

GZ2: you can dock it again, but it's a little tricky. Click inside the separate window, just below the title bar and drag it into the main panel.
I don't know what you mean with "I need to make do with F10 openMSX command line terminal". What are you doing in the console exactly?

Well, I'm not cabable of docking panels.

I'm debugging from openMSX command line issuing cpuregs.

By Manuel

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31-12-2019, 17:56

Drag by not clicking the windows title bar but below that... It really works....

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