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By mars2000you

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19-12-2011, 18:59

Here's my personal relook of the new MRC :

Thanks to Firefox and his plugins ! ;)



By jltursan

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19-12-2011, 19:04

Can you explain what we're seeing?, which addons have you used to resize (is it resized, isn't it?) the page?. I also miss some panels, are they blocked or disabled by editing preferences?

By mars2000you

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19-12-2011, 19:22

I use Firefox with NoScript + AdBlockPlus + Element Hiding Helper.
Some scripts are blocked and some elements are hidden. (*)

For the size of the screen, well, I use CTRL + key "+" to get all bigger under Firefox.

(*) Works also unlogged - Preference settings are not required, although I use them too.




By hit9918

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19-12-2011, 21:57

I got compatibility problems:

I no more can make quotes from multiple people.
And a browser is too unreliable to write long articles, so I use an editor.

Short, I miss ascii. Well the programmer who worked for hours on browser GUI will want to slap me . _ ,

A nice feature and even enhancement over the old version would be a button to view the POSTINGS in ascii.
Then I can manually assemble multi quotes etc, no extra GUI features needed.
This also reuqires the GUI field to accept ascii (I will test it below).

Another compatibility problem: This smiley has changed semantics . _ ,
It was very special, a slight smile with pain in the eyes.

Generally all smileys look same, I need to look close at the monitor to see which one it is.
They would need more contrast, like the pixels of the mouth in black.

doing some tests below...

is this a quote

<br />
    is this a code<br />
    .   .   .......   .<br />
    .. ..  .       . .<br />
    . . .   ...     .<br />
    .   .      .   . .<br />
    .   .......   .   .<br />

edit: testing the edit button

quote level 1

quote level 2

quote level 3seems to work

but GUI seems to have problems entering multi level quote.

By Sd-Snatcher

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19-12-2011, 21:47

404 Not Found



By Jorito

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19-12-2011, 23:26

Uploading a .PNG image as avatar is not working, converting it to JPG first works OK.I made some changes to the handling of avatars. This should fix the problem, but it's hard to test. Please report back if you still have issues with avatars. Saving from PNG to JPG or vice versa should not be needed.

By snout

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20-12-2011, 00:16

Also, thanks to JRT, all code blocks now look like they should as well. Three cheers for JRT!!!

By fondacio

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20-12-2011, 02:31

Thanks to Wolf for replying to my earlier post. Since I couldn't sleep last night, I put a short but incomplete history of Impact in place. I've looked at the Infinite page and will use it as an example to add more detail in due course. This wiki is quite promising (and so is the rest of the new site, of course).

By Konamito

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20-12-2011, 11:13

Don't forget the Mark all read button, please WinkWinkWink

By wolf_

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20-12-2011, 11:22

Nice, however: I think your Soundtracker 3 is actually Soundtracker Pro.

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