MRC MEGA Challenge - Jury report

By snout

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22-12-2008, 13:23

MEGAchallenge detailed comments from the jury members

The jury was formed out of 4 crew members, present at the MRC meeting of December the 20th. [D-Tail] and wolf_ were excluded from voting due their efforts in one or more of the entries. And thus, the jury was formed out of: sander, AuroraMSX, snout and Rikusu. Points were given for the categories sound, visual, efforts, originality and overall impression. The average of these resulted in the score of an entry. After this, three entries received a bonus point as they have been submitted before the first deadline in summer 2007. Scores were written down on paper during viewing of the entries, followed by comments from the jury members. It's these comments you will find in this report.

There may be a few funny remarks in here, the jury had a great evening judging all the entries, there was beer. If there's a little bit of sarcasm here and there, just think of us being in a LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL! mood. The order of list items isn't consistent (in case you hoped to decipher who wrote what).

Entry 1: Ball Quest

  • Music is done well. Had this game been released fifteen years ago I'd surely have played it until I'd drop.
  • Music is disturbing, original concept however. Runs smoothly, graphics not perfect though. The game can eventually become pretty frustrating!
  • Original game concept for MSX, is this MSX1 or MSX2?
  • I thought it to be MSX1. Somewhat reminds of me Line Rider. A level editor would've been nice.

Entry 2: Evolution 2

  • Standard vectorgraphics demo in a very small screen area.
  • ..meanwhile, it actually was rather fun, has charm.
  • Long silence, I dropped to the floor from amazement.
  • Next. Not very impressed.

Entry 3: 3072

  • Very impressed. Especially the water ripples part was very impressive. User interaction is a bonus.
  • I have the feeling the maker of this demo totally understood the idea of this particular challenge (64x48)
  • Very nice demo. I think graphics are (partly) ripped, music is someone else's, so where does the code come from?
  • Agree with the maker understanding the point of this challenge. Beer please!

Entry 4: Montana John and the Templar's Treasure

  • Very impressive. Nice to hear the good-old Konami sound once more. Influences from The Goonies sometimes a bit overdone.
  • Fully grown game, very playable, good polish. Too bad it's MSX1.
  • No amateurism to be found here. A new Konami.
  • Konami eat your heart out. That's it.

Entry 5: Night Pursuit.

  • FPS on MSX1 has a cool-factor. The gameplay lacks overview.
  • Fun idea, but a game which is simply not fun. Wouldn't entertain me.
  • Original concept, but unfinished. To me, doesn't qualify as a game.
  • Idea was commendable but the idea of the 64x48 challenge doesn't really shine here.

Entry 6: Police Force II

  • I liked Police Force I more. The T&E Soft inspired logo was nice.
  • What should I say about this one.. a game should be fun. This wasn't really fun, more like a demo rather than a game if you ask me.
  • Lots of potential, but it doesn't work out. Monotone game, no sound effects.
  • Without music the game would be better. Decent polish, but not my cup o' tea.

Entry 7: Raytrace demo

  • Does not give me a 3D-feeling. Unplayable without the topview. I don't expect this game to appear in Project Egg!
  • Can't make cheese from it. I get the idea, it just doesn't work out.
  • Nice try, but try again.
  • In terms of 3D it's better than Night Pursuit, yet it's still no Doom.

Entry 8: Western

  • This has become a game. There's an element of gaming, levels etc.
  • Are the GFX original? Looks edited/processed if you ask me. To me it's a game, but not a very fun game.
  • Police Force 3! At least it's more of a game than Police Force 2. Has lightgun potental.
  • A real game, although I do still miss soundeffects, like gunshots, dying sounds/animations, blood, gore, etc.

Entry 9: Leda

  • Meaty mix of Aleste and Laydock. Bonuspoints for the multilayer and kudos for the music.
  • Too bad it's unfinished, smart entry nonetheless. Especially considering it's (compiled) BASIC. Fun music.
  • Cool, multilayer scroll, good music, no complaints. We want more!
  • Original, spiffy. Too bad it's not done (yet). Lots of potential. Obstacles having the same color as the background didn't work for me.

Entry 10: Blur

  • Very original, technically speaking. Ballsy dying sequence of the protagonist. Sigh, we should've done a screen3-only challenge.
  • Very cool, original concept, nice colors, very playable. Recommended!
  • And again, too bad the game isn't done yet. I'd have preferred to see some variation in the graphics. But indeed, very original.
  • Nice idea, very original. Too bad it's unfinished yet. Finish it!
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By poke-1,170

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28-12-2008, 00:36

ball quest's music disturbing ? I think it's among the finer psg things I heard on the msx (speccy conversion or not)

By wolf_

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28-12-2008, 17:03

Must be a generation difference ^^

(and barbarism!)

By dvik

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29-12-2008, 05:49

Yeah, I agree with poke. I think the ball quest music is very good. And I've been listening to it a lot because it was the first MSX game my daughter 'played' and she liked it a lot, so I had to play the game to make her happy Wink

By dvik

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29-12-2008, 06:39

I should say that I agree with the overall ranking though. Good job judges, and congrats to the winners !