MRC frontpage is all messed up Firefox 3.0

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By Bastiaan

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24-07-2008, 09:35

I love FF3, it follows webstandards very well!
I generally shows that a lot of sites are far from valid on webstandards. Tongue

different css files for different browsers is not realy a solution, but a workaround. It does not tackle the problem by the core, and how to handle newer browsers?

Dhau: I cannot find the problem you mention (in FF3.01), the MRC site works/scales fine with me.

By [D-Tail]

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24-07-2008, 13:33

Bastiaan: dhau experienced the problem in FF

dhau: on my old laptop I still have # and it all seems to work flawlessly. Except of course the administration pages, which are broken since snout implemented some features for FF3 Wink

I assume that with MRC2K8 (which might take a while, sorry for that) it'll all be alright and cross-browser. Until that time, I guess you'll have to hang in there, buddy!

By dhau

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24-07-2008, 18:18

I guess you'll have to hang in there, buddy!

Heh heh, I will try to live on, one day at a time... Smile

I only have issues in FF2 if I use CTRL+"+" option (zoom), which I always use, because I can't see very well.

Offtopic: FF3 has following issue on my PC (Vista 64-bit): quite often I have it behave erratically, and even if I close all FF3 windows and run it again, it is still broken. I found out that even if I close all visible FF3 windows, there are still two firefox.exe processes running. If I kill them in taskbar and start FF3, it will work again (for a while). I only use two extensions: foxmarks and adblock+, so it's not like I am a FF abuser or anything...

By [D-Tail]

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24-07-2008, 18:51

Dhau: what I meant was that I can zoom quite well in FF2. The only 'problem' here is that the search bar goes through the forum topic, and on the frontpage some text that goes through a news post. Other than that, it works pretty well... Probably you should give Opera a try: just like FF3, it zooms everything - i.e. not just text. In any other case, you could try your favourite latest Linux distro w/ Compiz enabled and zoom in with <SUPER>+mouse_scroll_up Wink

I have no idea as to what your issues with ABP might be. ABP+FF2 @ Windows XP works as mentioned, and ABP+FF3 @ Linux works even better. Probably this is a Firefox + Vista issue, as Vista introduced many problems for standard (XP) software. Either way, Opera or FF3 are still the alternatives of choice here.

By [D-Tail]

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24-07-2008, 18:52

Argh, but those 'problems' that I just mentioned were real problems for you... Never mind my previous post.

By Manuel

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24-07-2008, 21:40

Here in FF3 the login lineedits are also too wide, overlapping the left side of the main area (this area).

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