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By snout

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03-05-2004, 22:12

GuyveR800 is respected within the MRC-team as being our most active member on the MRC-forums. We highly appreciate his contributions to our site. In February 2004, we moderated a reaction to a newspost from GuyveR800. He didn't agree with this moderation and decided to start flaming the moderator, instead of contacting us to sort things out. After playing a public cat-and-mouse-game of posting and deleting flames, we decided to ban GuyveR800 from the MRC for a week.

During this ban, GuyveR800 sent in a 'Join Our Team'-request. We've had many internal discussions about his submission and eventually, we decided to decline his request because we think GuyveR800 isn't the teamplayer the MRC needs. Ever since, we have a conflict with GuyveR800. We believe we've soundly based our decision towards GuyveR800, but he believes we didn't. After the Tilburg fair, we've sat down with GuyveR800 on a terrace in the Tilburg city centre and offered him a drink in the hope to sort things out once and for all. We exchanged opinions and in the end, GuyveR800 said he understood our decision, but he labels it as cowardly. He told us he only had one option left and that is to start a new MSX community site. With this, for us, the case was closed. We encourage new MSX activities and we also believe the MSX scene mustn't rely too much on one single website. In other words, we're optimistic about GuyveR800 his ideas.

Unfortunately, GuyveR800 obviously has decided to flare up the commotion. In our opinion, action leads to reaction and escalation. We thought we agreed to disagree and we believe it is of no use to continue the conversations with GuyveR800 regarding this subject. We stick to our points of view and so does GuyveR800 to his. Why waste more energy?

The MSX Resource Center is a hobby site, not a company. We are not professionals but only enthusiastic amateurs. We're doing the things we do because we enjoy MSX and we care about MSX. We're running the MRC in our spare time which means there is quite some pressure on the site already. As mentioned above, we encourage new MSX initiatives and therefor we sincerely hope GuyveR800 will find the time and the people needed to create a healthy continuous MSX community site. We wish him all the best and hope for positive cooperation in the future.

The MSX Resource Center Team

Sander van Nunen
Anne de Raad
Bart Schouten
Rieks Warendorp Torringa
Sander Zuidema

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By anonymous

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03-05-2004, 22:16

Yes, we agreed to disagree. No problem with that, I don't care anymore.

The problem is with the lies I've been told, and the way I've been discriminated against by being judged according to different standards than other people that joined MRC.

As I stated over and over again, I just want an apology and to be rehabilitated.

Anyway, I'm glad there's at least communication again.

By [D-Tail]

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04-05-2004, 00:20

I've been gazing at the flames going back and forth, the complaints on both sides in this forum. But I'm still wondering why a quest like this had to be blown up to such a great extent! I don't think it's worth questioning, or quarreling if you like, about mere personal things. At least, that is how I see this.
Just face it, only because this concerned GuyveR800, and because he complained a lot, this thread had to start and this explanation had to be written down? Personally I think this is just a time- and space-'dispensing' matter. If you ask me, this posting doesn't resolve anything. If you guys have problems, try to call eachother, or at least speak privately. It isn't necessary for the subject to make it on a forum. With all due respect toward both MRC and GuyveR800, I think this is a silly business you're playing with. Actually, I don't think a moderation to one's post deserves to be cried out loud. If that one bothers it, just take it personally and go on e-mailing, or calling if things are really going out of hand.
This stuff just blows up the atmosphere, if you ask me. I (and not only I, I'm afraid) would like you guys to stop quarreling, at least in public.

By flyguille

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04-05-2004, 02:25

I don't know what happened, but be than is, I will be very sad!, I don't like this for anything.

I see this as a group of friends, and i every will feel sad, if one friend left this scene.

One vote for GuyveR000!!!!

governor, please give him the pardon!!!

By anonymous

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04-05-2004, 12:31

Guyver triple-0, yeah that's me Wink

A solution with MRC is being worked on. As far as I'm concerned, this thread may be closed for now.

By BiFi

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04-05-2004, 13:04

Hmm... a new processor? R000

specs please? Wink

By [D-Tail]

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04-05-2004, 13:11

One vote for GuyveR000!!!!
Make that two votes! Wink

By Maggoo

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04-05-2004, 13:16

Man, this is looking more and more like a MSX soap opera :-)

By sunrise

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04-05-2004, 13:45

No surrender, no retreat

By wolf_

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04-05-2004, 14:00

SOAP indeed Smile

And everybody's watching the show.. at least the mailinglist showed a peak yesterday.. say for yourself.. when was the last time you had a page full of [MSX] in your inbox ?

By MrRudi

Hero (525)

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04-05-2004, 15:09

I wonder what all the lies are for which MRC needs to apologise. I hope there is more than the 'troublemaker' thingy Smile

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