Best MSX2 game ever - finale discussion

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By snout

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06-07-2003, 00:15

Right here you can vent all your frustrations concerning the finale of the Best MSX2 game ever mega-poll Tongue

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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06-07-2003, 00:55

ALESTE 2 RULEZ! Technically the most advanced MSX game ever, best shooter on any platform.
METAL GEAR RULEZ! One of the best new concepts in gameplay design.
SD SNATCHER RULEZ! A truly innovative RPG with great gameplay and story.
USAS RULEZ! Unforgetable Platform/RPG mix with the great music and gameplay.

By chaos

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06-07-2003, 01:20

It's very hard to choose between Aleste 2 and SD Snatcher :/
both are excellent games.
SD Snatcher has the awesome game musics, great story line and graphics.
Aleste2 has the great gameplay, and like Guyver said: it's "Technically the most advanced MSX game ever".. that's really true I think.. All those sprites! and they still look awesome, though Space Manbow also comes very close.

Ok.. it's gonna be Aleste2! I like Compile Tongue

By mth

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06-07-2003, 04:16

Metal Gear was very original indeed, the start of a new genre. However, I think the concept really matures in MG2, with new moves like crawling, a more complex storyline and the important role of sound (noisy surfaces, tap codes). So I think MG2 is the better game, but it was knocked out in the previous round by SD Snatcher.

I'm not so sure about Aleste 2 being the technically most advanced game. Core Dump deserves that title in my opinion, but I'm not sure it qualifies as the full version was never released. YS 3 also scores very high, with the many layers of scrolling and lots of animations. And Space Manbow ofcourse.

I'm surprised so many people like Usas. I've always found it a very frustrating game... You shoot an enemy, it promptly respawns. You miss the third difficult jump in a row, you have to go back and redo the whole sequence. You make a mistake in a puzzle, you have to redo the whole thing. And hardly any save points. The game is just too unforgiving for my taste.

The last four have a good mix of genres. Like the MSX1 poll, there is 1 Compile and the rest Konami. I had expected a Falcom game as well (YS 2, YS 3 or Dragon Slayer 6).

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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06-07-2003, 14:30

I'm still surprised so few people like Sorcerian. It's a great Action RPG with D&D (I think) features, lots of stats.. Characters age and have jobs etc... And the music... man... This must be Falcom's best!
Unfortunately it's almost unplayable (except for mission 1) because of the Japanese, but *BAM* there's Deltasoft with the english version! Everybody buy it, pronto!
In the next MSX2 (or RPG) poll I want to see Sorcerian on top, you hear?

By wolf_

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06-07-2003, 16:35

Well,Usas is appealing because of it's superb music, great gfx and great gameplay.

By fondacio

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06-07-2003, 16:45

Well,Usas is appealing because of it's superb music, great gfx and great gameplay.

...and of course its bad ending. Nuclear explosion, anyone?

By BiFi

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06-07-2003, 20:01

I wonder how many people actually have seen the Usas ending? I never got through the 4th stage...

By Latok

msx guru (3908)

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06-07-2003, 22:41

Having never ended Usas is one of my youth frustrations......I was pretty good at Usas, I agree with Wolf it's a unique game.....Gfx, gameplay and SUPURB PSG music.....But I never succeeded in finishing it......Got stuck in level 5......4th chamber, I believe.....So, I really was almost there.....

By vjrf

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07-07-2003, 10:24

It is clear for me. I was really impressed the first time I played Aleste2 in my MSX2, that verticall scroll, the enemies... I finished the game many times and never get bored of it. I am really glad to see it in the finale.

By wolf_

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07-07-2003, 10:49

Well, when you die in a konami game, mostly it means that you better start all over again. For example nemesis, if you die somewhere in level 7 orso, you'll have to start over again to get some weapens. Mostly, konami lowers the amount of enemies in such a case, but it won't be enough to get back in the full action you were in before you died.

The frustration of Usas level 5 is those pikes on the bottom of the screen.
However, I always had 2 tricks for playing usas.
(1) if you need to climb up to a floor, and you can't because you're hit by some enemy and thrown back. Then simply turn your back to an enemy Smile It will hit you, and throws you where you want to be.. at the cost of 1 'life'.
(2) In de first level, temple 2, (use the small blue character ... what's his name..), there's a point where there's a 10-coin hanging next to a ladder. The coin returns always! You can rapidly climb up to the upper screen, and then climb down to get a new coin. If you have the blue dude, and weapen nr. 2 (rolling) you can roll on the ladder and pick the coin up while standing on the ladder. This way, you can get 1 10-coin every 4 seconds orso. A great way to build-up your jump/speed.

I never played with a gamemaster orso.. can NLMSX get a cheatfunction like this, to save the whole ram contents to a tempfile? Smile

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