WTS Panasonic FS A1WSX

By daniel683104

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06-12-2019, 14:00

I have this MSX2+ model done with this mods included:

- 512K RAM internally expanded
- New PC drive adapted (No more trouble on the belt)

All tested and working order, very nice looking computer as you may see on the pictures:

Price is 350 euros + shipment

contact me on this mail

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By daniel683104

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09-02-2020, 12:10

this unit is sold.

I have stock of other models available:

Panasonic FS A1WX
Panasonic FS A1 (Box and manual)
Panasonic FS A1F (Box and manual)
Sony HB F1XV (box)
Sony Hb F1XDJ
Sony Hb F1XD (box no styro foams)
Sony Hb F1XD Mk2
national FS A1 4700F (complete)

contact for more info