[WTS] Games & Cartridges (IREM, Casio, Ponyca, Bee Card)

By landlord

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30-04-2019, 11:36

I have a bunch of random stuff for sale. Will accept offers on multiple items. Prices are in USD. Shipping not included in the price. Payment thru PayPal. Please check pics for condition.

Shipping from UAE so expect $15-$30 shipping costs for Registered Mail Service. EMS will be more.

R-Type - Very clean. Complete in box - $180
Baseball Craze Bee Card and Adapter - Complete in box - Box kind of discolored. Overall clean - $80
Star Force - Bee Card Only - $65
Knight Lore - Cartridge only - Possibly not original - $45
Come On Picot - Cartridge Only - $95
Final Justice - Cartridge Only - $120
EXZOID-Z - Cartridge Only - $40

Click this link for full pictures:


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By rderooy

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30-04-2019, 12:23

FYI, the Knight Lore is definitely not original. It seems to be a MegaCom (Taiwan) release based on cartridge and label. The only thing is, MegaCom releases normally have on the top, in the cartridge symbol, a product type in the format SN-xxx, and that seems to be missing on yours.

Edit: It is not the only release, attributed to MegaCom that lacks the product type, Yie Ar Kung-Fu is another.

By landlord

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30-04-2019, 12:41

Thanks for the info Smile