WTS / For trade - Sony HB-F700P with Keyboard & Mouse (great condition)

By perfectnarcosis

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07-09-2020, 13:05

Hello everyone,

It's been a while, but in case anyone is interested, I'm letting go of one of my prize possession (Sony HB-F700P in very nice condition) since I mainly play cartridge games on MSX, for which I already use another machine. I put an ad on Marktplaats as well (local Dutch eBay equivalent site), but if anyone from here has serious interest send me an e-mail (should be on my profile) and I'll consider your offers as well.

NOTE: I'm also willing to trade for a complete copy of Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake. Depending on the condition I'm willing to pay extra from my side if needed. Only this game by the way! Smile

Info on the Sony HB-F700P:
Link to ad: https://www.marktplaats.nl/m1597088479

Short recap in English:

  • Little to no yellowing on plastic (mouse slightly more beige than the system)
  • Has seen minimal use, little to no wear visible. Also no cracks or dents as far as I'm aware
  • Both cartridge slots fully working
  • Floppy drive works fine, booted with it and also copied/wrote some data without issues
  • Keyboard works fine, might need some cleaning inside as a few keys (mainly around the enter key) require a bit more of a push to register
  • Mouse also works
  • Everything is in factory condition, so no upgrades
  • Ad will remain online for a minimum of one week's time

Shipping internationally is available (I'm in Holland) but will only send this insured in case it's damaged or lost. If you're interested I can let you know what the costs would be.



P.S. Can share larger resolution pictures if there's interest. Marktplaats is known for compressing the original ones to a puddle of mud sometimes ;)

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By meits

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07-09-2020, 13:29

Damn that thing looks great.
Many kudos for you keeping it like that.
Congrats to the next happy owner.

By lintweaker

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07-09-2020, 13:40

Yes, wow that one really looks pristine. Must resist...

By perfectnarcosis

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07-09-2020, 17:15

Haha, must resist indeed.. Big smile Took me a while to make the decision but it's not being used at all and that in the end saddens me more Smile Thanks for the kind words though! This one's been packed and hidden from sunlight/heat from the day that I got it basically, but now it's time for it to hopefully be used again by someone else.