[WTB] PALCOM laserdisc games.

By seijurou

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04-04-2016, 21:25

Hello all
i´m very new here, and i looking for all the games released for the PALCOM system.
they are 11 games in total.
here is the list.

PG001-12SG Astron Belt
PG002-12TO Strike Mission
PG004-11KO Badlands (by Konami)
SS098-0002 Starfighters
SS098-0003 Umi Yukaba
SS098-0008 Inter Stellar
SS098-0011 Cosmos Circuit
SS098-0019 Esh’s Aurunmilla
SS098-0044 Rolling Blaster
LCT001 Mystery Disc 1: Murder, Anyone?
LCT002 Mystery Disc 2: Many Roads To Murder

please add pics and prices at your offers.

thanks a lot for the attention.

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By Manuel

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05-04-2016, 23:48

There are more titles... like Space Disc 5 and some educational ones from Lascom. Also, IIRC, the Mystery Disc LD's do not have an encoded MSX program.