[WTB] Nemesis 3 (JP box)

By ditman

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19-03-2023, 10:05

Hey forum!

I’m trying to get boxes for my the MSX carts I had growing up (Nemesis 1, 2 and 3), but I can’t find a JP box for Nemesis 3 (ゴーファーの野望 EPISODE II).

If you happen to have one spare/multiple around, please reach out, I’ll send some euros your way Smile

(I’ve seen repro boxes, but for these 3 particular games I’m willing to spend a little bit more)


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By MYKSelf

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20-03-2023, 13:58

Hello, ditman, old padawan! Long time no see!

Nemesis 3 is difficult enough to get complete, so to get only the box... good lock, my friend. Eek!

I'll on lookout, just in case.

By ditman

Resident (34)

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23-03-2023, 02:16

MYKSelf! My man!

It seems we picked the wrong week to collect MSX stuff!