WTB Mr.Ghost ROM - pay top $$$

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By Vampier

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12-05-2009, 21:57

muffie your slotman comments are getting old


Enlighted (6832)

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13-05-2009, 00:13

candid dhau, you said exactly what muffie was telling trying to piss off aother guy.
muffie, better not to insist always on the same key.
I do not think anyone will never get rich (or even do any money) by selling charts of
converted coleco roms (you find anywhere on the net) for msx.

By muffie

Paladin (933)

muffie's picture

13-05-2009, 00:52

I need to find a new target. He never replies, not funny anymore. Wolf_ is even saying that he'll ban me just because of my posts on the gay friendly topic....
BTW, what is Mr. Ghost? Never heard of that game...

By max_iwamoto

Hero (584)

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13-05-2009, 13:49

yum: did you got my offer? didn't hear anything from you.

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5601)

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13-05-2009, 14:10

BTW, what is Mr. Ghost? Never heard of that game...
Are you serious?
IMHO Mr. Ghost ( or: "Yurei-Kun" ) should be in the top 10 of best MSX2 games ever.

I really recommend you look for this game!

Unfortunately I can't find footage on YouTube.
I did make a video of the (much less good) sequel to the game.
Look here:


Trust me, #1 is waaaaay better, but this video might give you a bit of an idea.

By Randam

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13-05-2009, 19:01

DemonSeed, do you also know how Yuureikun 2 was distributed? Was it a rom as well or was it a disk? Can't find info on it on Generation MSX.

By muffie

Paladin (933)

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13-05-2009, 19:33

got it:

but, the review is saying that the game is slow and boring.

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5601)

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13-05-2009, 20:00

@ muffie: HAHAHA! You should translate that stuff to English! :'-D

@ Randam: unfortunately I don't know for sure, but I suspect it was a double MegaROM.

By cax

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13-05-2009, 20:01

According to MRC poll, Mr. Ghost is the most underrated MSX game (but IIRC the poll was hacked, so it's not that reliable).

The most interesting feature I like in the game is the waving effect I was discussing in this topic.

In the same topic robertwilting said "There is no Mr ghost II. There is however a special demo version which has special made levels for the demo."

Does anybody know the truth about this Mr.Ghost 2 and the disk image of it that can be found on the net ?

By lionelritchie

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13-05-2009, 20:17

translation of the review, because dseed asked:

"Big toothed Spermatozoon (should be a ghost) flyes and shoots smaller spermatozoa in ugly enemies.
The scenary is s*** and the game is slow and boring as ****, MSX almost explodes like the USS Enterprise when Scott says 'she CUNT take it, captain!' to execute the stuff."

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