[WTB] Konami SCC cartridge, any condition

By seanyoung

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23-03-2022, 09:27

I'm attempting some reverse engineering work on the SCC, but my first attempt at desoldering the scc burnt it out. So, I'm looking for an SCC cartridge (or loose SCC) in any condition, as it will be desoldered.
I'm using a arduino mega.

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By gdx

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23-03-2022, 15:14

Info about SCC specifications are known and available in detail on internet.

By seanyoung

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24-03-2022, 10:44

There is a lot which is still unknown. There are glitches in channel 4/5 on the megarom SCC for example. Also, this would allow us to create a cycle stepped emulation/description.

By Grauw

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24-03-2022, 19:30

HRA! has done a bunch of research, if you scroll down his Twitter timeline a bunch he has written some of his findings there. Unfortunately all in Japanese, vut you might be able to glean something from it, or get in touch with him.

By Salamander89

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20-04-2022, 10:31

Any news on this? It would be fantastic to have a 1:1 replica of the SCC