Wanted: Msx palcom laserdisc games

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By Xavier

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23-06-2009, 14:12

Please email me with what games you have and shipped price to the states or post here.


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By Xavier

Supporter (11)

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23-06-2009, 14:29

Oh also is there anyway to get this to play msx2 games?
I have the px-v60 model

By Manuel

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23-06-2009, 19:32

No, it's an MSX1. (E.g. a Playstation 2 doesn't play Playstation 3 games...)

In theory, you could completely ruin the machine by transforming it into an MSX2, but better just buy an MSX2 (or higher) then. Much easier and maybe even cheaper.

By djh1697

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24-06-2009, 21:29

Palcom laserdisc games? maybe you should try a shop in Japn ?

By eskroto

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29-06-2009, 22:30

Contact me, for some reason the mails i have sent to u are being rejected Question


By Xavier

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13-07-2009, 05:59

Eskroto never contacted me back with how much he would like or what games hed sell.
Please Im looking for at least a game.
The laserdisc player doesn seem to work, the signal is scrambled and the player doesnt sound like it spins up right.
The px-v60 is rated at 100v 50/60 hz, I havent had problems i the past with 100 volts but this is such a ancient rare minty system I didnt want to chance it.

By Xavier

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22-07-2009, 08:21

A seller named bestone75 on ebay has a bunch of these games. Are his prices high?
He wants $650-750 for Esh Amirrillo and Badlands. I think for almost the same price Id rather get some whole arcade cabinets.

By Bas040

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22-07-2009, 11:47

Thanks for the hint!

Just bought three LD games (not Badlands and Esh Amirrillo but please don't tell my wife...)
Anyway, I'm still looking for more games.....

By Xavier

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22-07-2009, 16:06

No problem, the real hint is Yahoo Auctions Japan. Ive seen most of these games for $70-80 for the last few weeks on there. Im trying to figure out how to use it, and the beta english translator doesnt seem to pull up much in the search.
Anyways hes still got Rolling Blaster and Star Fighter for $850, go for it baller. You cant forget the ld700 player for $600.

By Salamander2

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22-07-2009, 22:47

by the way,

i'm trying to find out some hi-quality scans(covers and instructions manual) of StarFighters.
anybody here have this game and could provide me this scans? thanks.

By SaebaMSX

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22-07-2009, 22:49

I think that prices over 150 euro for badlands is nonsense. At least it was some years ago...

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