Three rare MSX games?

By Xtincthed

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05-11-2013, 12:02

Hey everyone,

I picked up a set of MSX games and for three of those games I can't find a price (none listed and no sold listings)
I'm a big collector of everything from NES to PS3, but MSX isn't my cup of tea so I'm trying to get rid of these Smile

The Wreck:

Oil's Well:


does anyone know what these are worth?


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By frankn1974

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05-11-2013, 16:42

Well first of all the games are unfortunately not rare. Perhaps "The Wreck" is worth something to collectors (I have seen these go at auction for anything from EUR 15,- and upward). As far as the other titles are concerned; Oil's well is a very common game, perhaps a few euro's and when it comes to Mandragore you'll notice that in France there are stockpiles of this game, so again only a few euro's perhaps.

By Xtincthed

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05-11-2013, 20:34

too bad, strange that i can't find a single copy on ebay worldwide..

By Manuel

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05-11-2013, 22:49

There are over 3000 MSX titles and not that many people trading in them... tapes are not that common on eBay, so you won't easily find them there for particular titles. The Wreck in cart might be interesting, couple of dozen euros perhaps.

In fact, could you make some nice close ups of that The Wreck stuff, so that I can add them to Generation MSX?

By glaucus

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10-11-2013, 17:32

looking at the prices of theze items on ebay; these must be rare items........ Shocked! 59 euro for a tape game........

By Manuel

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11-11-2013, 12:26

eBay? Link?

By meits

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12-11-2013, 09:44

That won't sell...
There's just no market for cassette tapes...
Only some MSX2 stuff goes overpriced on e-bay...

By Warchild

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13-11-2013, 02:12

Glaucus, that one you've seen at eBay it's the same of the picture in this post. Seller must be the same person who asked here for a price for this title.