"The beauty, bits & lipstick"

By hamlet

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23-06-2017, 10:39

As it is no secret, we are doing a lot MSX related photography.
Now, I´m looking for the book "The beauty, bits & lipstick" to get some new (ok, their old) impressions to continue.
It seems to be sold out everywhere, maybe here´s someone willing to sell, rent, lend or scan the book to me.
"The beauty, bits & lipstick"


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By rjp

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29-06-2017, 23:57

Wonderful photos! And I'm wondering if my brother can "borrow" me one of his daughters (nine and five years old) in order to take some photos like these. Big smile

By hamlet

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03-12-2017, 16:34


By syn

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03-12-2017, 17:31

Perhaps Bitwise still have a few left? http://www.msx-universe.com/home.php (note that their website is not up to date).

They are distributors for Matra and are always at the MSX nijmegen fair (I assume they will be there next year as well), and sold this book a few years ago there (I remember looking at it briefly). Maybe you can ask them to bring to Beuningen if they have any?

By hamlet

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03-12-2017, 17:40

Yes, good idea.. I just bought Xspelunker at Matra and didn´t thought about that...

By gdx

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17-07-2021, 17:33

I did not know this book. It would be nice to release a PDF version since it will never be on sale again. (Matra, if you happen to drop by here)

By bsittler

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18-07-2021, 21:20

There seem to be 16 copies for sale from Amazon JP which you could likely move overseas using Tenso: https://www.amazon.co.jp/BEAUTY-LIPSTICKS-Matra-Computer-Aut...

(It's not my listing BTW)

By hamlet

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01-10-2021, 16:07

up Smile