Slot-Expander for sale (MK, MSX-WF, Digital KC)

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By BeauDiGi

Expert (72)

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27-12-2010, 18:27

ANd someone has de Digital KC version?

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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27-12-2010, 20:02

you sure are a greedy bugger arent you?

wanna buy this..
wanna buy that...

well have fun searching

( i have two) pluh

but im not selling

By marlon-B

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27-12-2010, 22:17

I am looking for Digital KC hardware?
Does someone has some to sell?

I have, but not until the end of januari.

I'll have 10 for sale.

I can't say anything about the price yet still have to do a partlist count and calculation.

It is based on the Digital KC design but it has an extra extension for more sophisticated (low power) expansion possibilities.
(see topic "HW shortage" for details.)

The slotexpander works fine without the extension. Cause It's optional.

I'm setting up a webshop where you will be able to order it.

By BeauDiGi

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28-12-2010, 09:26

OK, thanks Marlon-B.
I will follow this.Big smile

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