SFG-05 and more

By Winfryd

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07-02-2021, 13:22

Hello, I'm new to this forum but I thought I had to bring to your attention maybe something quite unique. Ok, also for some self interest but anyway. I have in my possesion a SFG-05 module together with several modules and a little keyboard. All is hardly used. Yesterday I connected all to my old MSX and is still working as it should. As I have a roland RD-2000 I know that in reality I will not use this anymore then only out of nostalgia. I put it up for sale on www.marktplaats.nl where you van do a search for sfg-05 for pictures and more info. All is in the original boxes with all the manuals. Sorry if this is not the place to do such an announcement but I know as a retro computing guy sometimes it is nice to hear such things.

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By Grauw

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08-02-2021, 00:31

Hi Winfryd,

It certainly is nice hardware and I hope you will find a buyer!

But I recommend you lower your asking price. Compare e.g. the price range of the bids on this listing, which also includes the SFG sound module in the machine. Your set does not have the machine and full sized keyboard, but the additional software and UCN-01 slot adapter cable (which is somewhat rare though custom-made alternatives are sold) adds similar value.

By Winfryd

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08-02-2021, 12:58

Thank you Grauw for the comment. For pricing I went to eBay and found very high prices for single Cartridges and 1 sfg-05 for 350. Offcourse that is an asking price. I also want it to go to someone who really is going to use it and don't want to attract merchants who are looking for a quick buck. And this is also an asking price so it is not carved in stone. But yes, maybe it is a bit steep to begin with. Thanks again.

By Soft Automaton

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07-04-2021, 15:01

Hello! Marketplaats doesn't allow international buyers so please post your MSX here directly. Thank you!