Selling a Panasonic FS A1WX with 512k

By daniel683104

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29-03-2011, 19:21

I Have a Panasonic FS A1WX for sell, at this configuration:

1. 512K internal memory (expanded)
2. FDD diskdrive with new belt working without trouble on format and also on reading functions.
3. All the Keboard working with no trouble and perfectly clean
4. The cartidgle slots are also 100% functional.
5. There is a chance to change the voltage to 220V internally if you wish (with extra cost)

The price I´m asking is 190 euros + shipment (41 euros to most european countries)

I will have a trip to USA by the begining of this April so there is a change of sending this computer internally from USA at a very afortable price. Ask about exact price and conditions.

for contact me dcorreaib "at"

this is a megaupload link to see a video of the computer operation and condition :

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By hardheavy

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21-04-2011, 16:01

Where are you from? Ship to Brazil?

By cklayman

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21-04-2011, 16:06

I think he is from Spain. I bought this kind of computer from him a few months ago.

By ale101

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21-04-2011, 18:52

I´m interested. do you still have it?