selling konami games loose and complete ones

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By daniel683104

Paragon (1229)

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25-09-2012, 01:07

I have some Konami games for sale. This is the list with prices and some pictures.

Parodious 100 euros

Contra 100 euros

Vampire killer 75 euros

Gradious (2) 65 euros

King Kong (2) 55 euros or 45 euros (the cheeper version is due a box scratch)

Hyper Sports (2) 30 euros

Computer Billards (no manual) 18 euros

Yie Are Kung Fu 2 (no manual) 18 euros

Penant race 2 loose original cover and manual 15 euros

Maze of galious loose original cover 10 euros

Gradious 2 loose original cover and manual 15 euros

Magical Tree original cartidgle and plastic holder, the cover is a full side copy made it on a printer shop 100 euros

F1 Spirit cover is a copy made it on printing shop 55 euros

Game colection Special cover is a copy made it on printing shop 125 euros

Game colection 4 cover is a copy made it on printing shop 85 euros

I also will have on a short time this items other items available:

Konami cabbage patch kids fully original without manual 300 euros
Konami pooyang loose card + bee pack 80 euros
Nemesis 1 complete 50 euros
The goonies complete 45 euros
konami´s boxing complete 45 euros
Konami´s baseball complete 45 euros
penant race 2 complete 60 euros

Ping pong loose game 12 euros
mopiranger loose game 15 euros
konami´s Soccer loose game 12 euros
king Kong (2) loose game 18 euros
Maze Of Galious loose game 18 euros
Gambare Goemon loose game 18 euros

PayPal payments must be done comission free (gift) to the Paypal account indicated after the deal is done. Shipment cost depends on the destination country and weight of the package, so please ask for an extimated price (with your wish game list) in order to my to calculate the price, this price is around 9 to 18 depending on those variables.

to get more info you may contact on:
dcorreaib at

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By daniel683104

Paragon (1229)

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27-09-2012, 18:52

Gradious 2
Vampire Killer
Nemesis 1


By e1000

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21-10-2012, 05:14

I recently bought a MSX machine from Daniel and I recommend him as a seller.

He answers all e-mails, keeps you posted on all sending steps and I received the MSX in a perfect state.

By toticb

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21-10-2012, 12:49

Email sent

By collector msxxx

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14-11-2012, 11:52

do you still have F1 Spirit?

By daniel683104

Paragon (1229)

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14-11-2012, 11:59

F1 Spirit sold
Game colection 4 Sold
Maze of galious cover sold

By Diego Mallorca

Resident (58)

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14-11-2012, 16:31

Hello. Do you have the parodious?

By daniel683104

Paragon (1229)

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14-11-2012, 16:39

these are the complete games available now:
parodious 100e
Contra 100e
hinotory 120e
Penant race 60 euros
penant race 2 60 euros
king kong 2 55 euros
Cabbage patch kids 300euros (no manual)
Sky jaguar 35 euros
Hyper sports 2 35 euros

By daniel683104

Paragon (1229)

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15-11-2012, 12:44

Penant Race 1 and 2

these games are sold I will star a new post on a short time with games available

By Meits

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15-11-2012, 16:54

For my information (and I seriously wonder): Is Cabbage Patch Kids the new Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake? oO

By boss_msx

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15-11-2012, 17:52

I would trade my complete MG2 for a complete Cabbage patch Smile2

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