Not mine, but... guys, check this Brazilian MSX2+ 1024kb

By hbarcellos

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04-12-2008, 20:46

MSX Expert 3 Turbo 1024Kb, Drive 3/12, Megaram Disk DDX, SCC

~U$ 350

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By dhau

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04-12-2008, 23:58

Ihave an Expert, to be honest I think you have to be a Brazilian and have a serious nostalgia rose-tinted glasses to call those computers nice.

By hbarcellos

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05-12-2008, 01:06

Mine was a hotbit. And yes, I only like it because of nostalgia. BUT, this Expert 3 have several "enhancements". It's a modded expert that was originally an msx1. Those were made by Ademir Carchano.

By Anddretb

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09-11-2009, 02:32

Hello, I think you do not really know what is the motherboard expert 3, I'll try to explain below that this card is a little more than nostalgia:

The motherboard has:

V9958 or V9938 with 192 K de Vram ( or 128 of course ).
Turbo ( 3.58 ou 7.16 Mhz )
4 Mb de mapper ( Simm 30 vias ) in motherboard.
FM, chips YM2413 or UM3567, you can choose the chip, with 2 amplifiers, one output traditional MSX and the other for external amplifier or audio input of TV
1 expanded slot internally and 2 slots are available for use ( beyond the two front slots).
The motherboard is configurable via jumpers, the options are: 1 until 5 jumpers ( slots x.0,x.1,1,2,3) for conector B and A ( front conectors), Ram and subrom. 1 Jumper for the expanded slot and 1 jumper for clock ( choose clock CPU or clock GAL ( turbo 3.58 or 7.16)

Conectors for LED CAPS, LED TURBO
All the chips can be found easily if the board has a problem.

Look de link below


By Leo

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10-11-2009, 20:25