MSX2+ Sony HB F1XDJ for sale (internal USA shipment available)

By daniel683104

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31-08-2015, 20:52

I do have this Sony MSX2+ model HB F1 XDJ with the following characteristics for sale:

Internal Memory expansión to 256K RAM
New PC drive without belt to avoid future problems (not notice is not the original one)
New capacitors (almost all of them) to avoid problems expecially those rerlated with the video and Sound problems.
The voltaje to opérate it is the original one (110 volts)

I will be depart to USA (MIAMI) in 3 days so I could take the computer with me and do the internal shipment from there this will avoid customs duties (if ship with in USA) and a very hurry delivery since it would cross the atlantic with me. But you must be very hurry with your decisión since I will depart on 3 days

Here are th pictures of the actual machine so you must check the way it is

The Price is 260 euros + shipment

may contact on this mail

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By SonyTEL

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01-09-2015, 02:18

It is not possible to 512KB?

By daniel683104

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04-09-2015, 00:07

no by the moment