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By OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1407)

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30-12-2009, 15:32

he is right though
i havent seen comic bakery on ebay EVER (although i must say i havnt been looking for it)

By ashame

Expert (128)

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31-12-2009, 09:44

I've seen Comic Bakery several times on eBay and it ussually goes for around €40 ex. postage and packing. Some seller like Soukasen3 sell it for more than $100 (wtf?). Dunno why though, since other users never make this much money from the same game.

By onetunafish

Master (212)

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31-12-2009, 13:34

well I've been looking every day for the last couple few months, the only comic bakery I've seen is being sold for $620 (I guess that is 6x WTF? LOL).

Just FWY I'm trying to complete my konami msx collection, I'm about 10 games short, comic bakery is one of them. I miss all the really expensive ones like Bad Lands, Snatcher, SD Snatcher, all Game Collections and etc. Dunno if I'll have the guts (or the cash) to buy those.

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