LOOKING FOR - WTB - Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake

By perfectnarcosis

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12-10-2019, 14:27

Hello MSXers!

I'm looking for someone who would like to part with their copy of Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake. It's the only one left for my Konami collection and I've been looking for a few years now.. The rest of the MSX Metal Gears I have copies from and lucky enough to have had them signed by Hideo himself Smile

In short, I'm a huge fan and wanted to check with others who might be thinking of selling it to me directly instead of putting it on eBay. I am still willing to pay the high price of course: anywhere between 200,- to 300,- EUR, depending on the condition.

Please reply here or contact me through my profile's e-mail address if you're considering it. I'd be forever in your debt!


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By Pac

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12-10-2019, 19:57

By perfectnarcosis

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13-10-2019, 00:04

Thanks PAC! Too bad to see them all go on eBay, but it's understandably no doubt. Will be watching the thread however, thanks again.

By uberjack

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13-10-2019, 06:57

MG2 is fairly common both on eBay and Yahoo Auctions/Buyee. The hard part is finding one in a decent case - most of them come with cases with badly sagging plastic. I was able to find a nice one for $300, but I had to fish for over a year for that.

By perfectnarcosis

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13-10-2019, 10:16

Indeed uberjack. Plastic bubbling is our worst enemy in this case heh.. Thanks for your reply though, keeping my eyes open, also on Yahoo Auctions JP. Couldn't even find a decent copy last year when I visited Tokyo, but I'm not giving up Smile