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By user888

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20-05-2009, 10:58

I'm not too sure if I want to break up my MSX collection and sell items (I have to get used to the idea). But if I do, are there any people interested in:

Sony HB-55P (got 3 of them I think)
Sony HB-75P
Sony-HB201 white (boxed, manuals)
Sony-HB201 black (boxed, manuals, missing joystick)
Philips NMS-8220
Philips NMS-8245
Philips VG-8020 (boxed)
Philips VG-8235 (boxed)
2x Philips NMS-8250
Toshiba HX10
Daewoo DPC-200
2x Canon V-20
Spectravideo SVI-728
Spectravideo SVI-328 MKII
Mitsubishi ML-F80

2x Sony HBI-55 4KB memory expansion (boxed in blue box)
Sony 16KB memory expansion (boxed in red box)
Sony 64KB memory expansion (boxed in red box)
2x Philips VS0040 monitor green mono (1x boxed, 1x unboxed)
Philips NMS-1431 printer
Philips VW-002 printer (boxed)
Philips NMS datarecorder (NMS 1510/1515?)
Philips VG datarecorder
Sony SDC 500 BitRecorder datarecorder (boxed)
SpectraVideo SVI SV-602 Expander Box
SpectraVideo SVI SV-904 datarecorder
SpectraVideo SVI SV-902_diskdrive

Also some RS232 expansion cards and/or modems, lots of MSX Gidsen and MSX Magazines (both Dutch), joysticks, other periperals, etc. Have to look it up.

Again: I'm not sure if I sell something or everything. Maybe I just keep one MSX2 system, I just don't know.

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By Manuel

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20-05-2009, 13:09

I'm interested in anything (MSX) I don't have yet Tongue Seems like the Sony memory expansions are interesting at least. And the white HB-201, too.
And magazines could be interesting, but I don't know which ones you have. You can see what I have on my web site.

By max_iwamoto

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20-05-2009, 15:26

user888: I am interested to buy some of the items. How I can contact you? My e-mail

By user888

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22-05-2009, 11:37

This thread can be closed: I sold everything, including a almost never unpacked black Sony HB-201P